[Dustpelt and Ferncloud walk together in the forest]

Dustpelt and Ferncloud: The Most Underrated Ship In Warriors by Sunflight

Sunflight discusses Dustpelt and Ferncloud’s relationship.

[image description: a brown tabby cat with yellow eyes walks alongside a light grey cat with darker markings green eyes in a forest]
Art by Theorycats (Twitter)
[image description: a brown tabby cat with yellow eyes walks alongside a light grey cat with darker markings green eyes in a forest]

Hi readers! It’s Sunflight here and I’m going to be talking about the ship Dustpelt x Ferncloud.

Ferncloud x Dustpelt, or what I may call Fern x Dust or Dustcloud, is one of the most underrated ships in warriors. I can think of two main reasons why this ship is so important.

Number one: All their kits! Dustpelt and Ferncloud had so many kits together, having an enormous effect on the series. Without this ship so many cats would not exist. For example, their surviving kits (at least to becoming a warrior) include Spiderleg, Birchfall, Foxleap, and Icecloud. And those are only the kits that survived kithood and apprenticeship. Their other kits are Hollykit and Larchkit, who died of weakness after birth, and Shrewpaw, who was run over by a monster while hunting a pheasant.

Number two: The cats themselves! Dustpelt was a great warrior for a long time. He was grumpy at times but when Fern x Dust began, he became an amazing cat. He was a gentle and caring father and mate. And it changed him forever. He was even able to show some kindness to Squirrelpaw (even if only a tiny bit). As for Ferncloud, she was always a great cat. Motherhood was a natural fit for this calm gentle cat. When she found Dustpelt, she was always ready to have kits, and Dustpelt couldn’t agree more.

But, I can’t say everything was perfect with this ship. My only reason? Well. Dustpelt is Brindleface’s brother. Brindleface is Ferncloud’s mother. Therefore, Ferncloud is Dustpelt’s niece. Weird right? But, in their defense, this isn’t exactly uncommon in the Warriors universe. Take for example, Squirrelflight and Bramblestar. Sandstorm is Squirrelflight’s mother. Sandstorm’s father is Retail. Redtail’s sister is Leopardfoot. Leopardfoot’s son is Tigerstar (one). Tigerstar’s son is Bramblestar. So they are related. This is also true for others like Ivypool and Fernsong, or Lilyheart and Snowbush. I think that related mates shouldn’t change opinions on Fern x Dust. It’s too common, and if you say now you don’t like Bramblestar x Squirrelflight or Ivypool x Fernsong, then you must have a really strong opinion.

Thanks for reading! Bye! ^w^

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