Happy Clanniversary, Blossomrose!


IT HAS BEEN A WHOLE YEAR SINCE THE LAST ONE! WOO! I’ll stop with the all caps, but happy Clanniversary! I am so glad that I’ve gotten to know you, Bloss, through the Apprentice Army. You were one of the original members, and have stayed a friend of mine <3 You’ve contributed to many Blog memories – being thrown in the soup, the Cheetah takedown, our many many parties…..not to mention that you are running for Senior Warrior now! I wish you all the best with your campaign <3

a tabby cat in a field of flowers, looking at the camera

As a little gift, for being so utterly awesome, I’ve written you a poem:

Roses are red

Violets of blue

And love always rings true

In this garden of friendship, peace, and moonlight

We gather together to laugh and to cry

Memories sweet as perfume

Being made as the flowers bloom

As roses blossom, so do we

Becoming new and growing taller than the trees

Our tears water the sprouts

And our smiles warm them

Roses are red

Violets are blue

And the memories are sweet

Just like you

a pink rose with a long stem, growing

I hope you have the most WONDERFUL day (bringing the caps back for a moment :p)! This has been a wonderful year, and I am so excited for many many more!

Enjoy this cake, as you enjoy this day c:

a pink chocolate cake with rosettes done in frosting

🍒🌿 🫶 Lilybreeze 🪷 💫 🤍 mentor to mintpaw 🌱 🤯 🌼

hiya! you can call me lil! I love songwriting, poetry, and acting c:


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