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Why it makes sense to Lovewing Dovewing! by SharpWhisker

SharpWhisker makes a case for liking Dovewing.

[image description: a light grey cat with green eyes walks towards the left]
Art by SpiritOfTheStars
[image description: a light grey cat with green eyes walks towards the left]

If you asked the warriors fandom a list of cats they despise the most, the name Dovewing would be likely to appear. In fact, I would have agreed, but only from my past perspective. I don’t know why I disliked her so much but I just did. I sided with Ivypool for no reason other than the fact that she seemed more ‘edgy’ and ‘rebellious’ compared to her docile sister Dovewing who really was in fact just trying to please every cat as much as she could.

Throughout her life, she has made so many sacrifices, especially the emotional kinds which can be easy to breeze over. From the beginning of her apprentice hood where she had to let go of her close relationship with her sister in order to fill some prophecy, she has no clue about, to her warrior life as well when she was desperately fighting against the majority of her clanmates just to try and defend the dark forest ex-trainees which was practically hopeless.

Tigerstar II’s super edition is really the perfect book where she really shines and you get a glimpse of a side you’ve never seen before. People may think her actions in that book were too reckless and selfish but if you begin to contemplate what she did without the unbiased hateful opinions you realise that Dovewing is a mature cat who will do some pretty outrageous things to comfort the cats she loves.

Instead of staying in the clan that she had spent all her life fighting for, especially since she had such a big part in the survival of Thunderclan as she was a gifted cat with the responsibility of a prophecy, she left. Why would she leave? So her kits could grow up carefree without the harsh judgemental comments and thoughts of other warriors because of a factor they couldn’t decide. Not only did she sacrifice her position as a warrior in Thunderclan at the time she left she had no idea Tigerheart would join her so she in her present mind had left everything.

Do you see it now? In every instance where I have given an example of Dovewing doing something to try and help others which is still out of her will she struggles, and she struggles a lot.

Her relationship with Ivypool has never been the same even Dovewing as a foolish apprentice could have easily chosen to stick by her sister’s side instead of blindly following a prophecy that was being forced onto her by two random clanmates yet she doesn’t because she realizes her responsibility as a prophesied cat and part of that was sacrifice.

In her novella, she could have easily stayed silent and out of trouble from actively arguing with her clanmates against the innocence of the ex dark forest trainees yet she doesn’t, because she realises her responsibility as a sister, father, and clanmate.

She could have easily stayed in Thunderclan which would have been much safer and easier to raise her kits yet she doesn’t because she realises her responsibility as a mother comes before anything else, she puts aside her role as a mate, a family member, a warrior of Thunderclan all so she can give kits an easier life, one which would have been much easier than hers.

Now she lives in Shadowclan despite everything she’s done for Thunderclan so Tigerheart and her kits aren’t forced to choose between anything and make the heart-breaking decisions she was so used to.

Dovewing is a really caring cat and obviously seeing her friends and family happy makes her happy so I do believe she was happy with every outcome even if she struggled so much and included herself in the decision. Sure she is kind of reckless because she feels alone at times and can make some confusing decisions to outsiders viewing her position, but in the end, it all worked out for everything thanks to… DOVEWING!

So this is your call to reconsider how brave, kind, and fearless your least favourite cat in the series is from a new perspective, one without any prejudice. So in conclusion, keep calm and Lovewing Dovewing!

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