Happy Clanniversary, Flakepaw!


You’ve been on the Blog a WHOLE year!! AH! You’ve made 24 whole pages of comments \(0o0)/! You are quick to participate in all the Blog games, and venture into the depths in order to unlock the scavenger pages! I am very excited to see all the chaos you create as a member of team ThunderClan during this Gathering :p Your roleplays are great, as are your comments on the Fanfic Page c: I can’t wait to see all that you do in the many years to come!!

As a little gift, I’ve written you a poem!

A flake is a part of a whole

And you cannot have a whole without the many parts

Flake after flake after flake comes,

making up the chaotic storm we have all grown to love

Each one so unique,

So bright,

So filled with belief

So flake after flake after flake can keep coming

And our hands will open wide to catch them all

The storm can keep swirling

And we will go outside and dance in it

Surrounded by the flakes

By those parts of the whole

Admiring what they give us,

And crossing our fingers they will stick around a little longer

a landscape of a road by an ocean, with a storm settling overhead

I hope you have the greatest cake!

Enjoy this cake as you go about your WONDERFUL day <3

a white cake with white sprinkles

🪷 🌿 🫶 Lilybreeze 🪷 🎶 🤍 aka Lil 🌷💫 lookin for something dumb 2 do 💫🤍 🍒 mentor to the amazing mintpaw! 🌱 🤯 🌼

hiya! you can call me lil! I love songwriting, poetry, and acting c:


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