[Tigerclaw/star looks out from a dark tree hollow]

my least favorite warrior cats by Juniperflower

Juniperflower lists their least favourite characters from the series.

[image description: a brown tabby cat with amber eyes and a nicked ear looks out from a tree hollow]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[image description: a brown tabby cat with amber eyes and a nicked ear looks out from a tree hollow]

hi everybody juniperflower here and these are my least favorite warrior cats
disclamier (may have spoilers TPB yellowfangs secret TNP squrillflights hope if you havent read them)

I👏hate👏TIGERSTAR first he killed Brindleface. Swiftpaw and Bluestar wouldnt have died if he didnt release the Dogs and he is the reason why Brightheart was injured. he is the reason why Cinderpelt couldnt be a warrior and he killed Runningwind so yeah.

first i just want to say that Brokentails death is his fault he is the reason why he died but he killed many kits he killed Foxheart and he kicked out Yellowfang. he drove out Windclan and he attacked Thunderclan and im pretty sure he is the reason why Lionheart died and he even plotted after he went blind he deserved the dark forest.

3.Bramblestar(bows for applauses while dogging tomatoes)
yes some people love Bramblestar but i just think he is really stuck up and snobby sometimes. and he thinks everything can be avoided when in reality it just makes things worse. plus he just walks all over Squirrelflight turning down all her ideas. (Ashfur would have been a better mate.)

i hate Foxheart i dont like how stuck up she is. she is over all a brat who thinks that she is more important then others and is just rude and bossy like she was bossing around senior warriors her first day as a warrior. i was honestly disgusted by her when i read Yellowfang’s secret and was debating on not reading just cause i could not STAND her.

BONE KILLED WHITESTORM WHYYYYY sorry. but seriously he killed Whitestorm and i am still mad about it but i do think its funny that his leader is smaller then him and he got taken out by apprentices.(VENGEANCE:)

i feel like he was very neglective towards Yellowfang and he was just i dont know i just felt like he was very picky towards things and looked through all of Brokentails flaws which lead to his own death.

runner up:Frecklewish-yall know why:).
alright well thats all for now i hope you enjoyed.

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