[image description: a light grey cat with pelt swirls, blue eyes, and an injured hind leg]

The worst cats from dawn of the clans by Mistraven

Mistraven lists some cats they didn’t like in Dawn of the Clans.

[image description: a light grey cat with pelt swirls, blue eyes, and an injured hind leg]
Art by Alder-Leaf on DeviantArt
[image description: a light grey cat with pelt swirls, blue eyes, and an injured hind leg]

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1. Fircone
This cat come off seemingly ok he is a friend to Thunder. For a bit. Soon Fircone convinces Thunder to act out and when Thunder leaves he doesn’t join him. So he’s a jerk to Thunder which is just sad cause Thunders a great cat. Later Fircone dies in book three the first battle while fighting.
I can’t say enough to sum up this awful cat. When Turtle tail leaves the moor to live with Bumble he bullies her. Saying he was “just playing.” After Turtle tail goes back to Gray wings tribe Tom follows her and steals her kits! Thunder and Lightning tail go after him and snatch the kits back. But it doesn’t change the fact that Turtle tail DIED trying the save her kits so. I HATE HIM.
3. Fox
I think Fox had a sad start and end.
He grew up alone with his sister Petal their mother died and they never really got a kithood. Soon after Clear Sky enters the woods Fox and Petal join his group. They fiercely fight and hunt to protect their territory. This causes a BIG problem.
One day Gray Wing travels to talk to Clear Sky(his brother). Fox happens to meet him and attacks. Out of pure defense Gray Wing accidentally killed him.
I personally like Petal
4. One eye
Right from the start this cats a problem. Holly, Mouse ears, and Muddy paws seem to hate him for an unknown reason. (Did he kill their parents attack them who knows.) But he fights with Clear Sky on everything and showed up with Tom which can’t be good
( see above.) He’s got strange fighting techniques and just acts mean.
5.Jagged peak
Overall he’s ok a little prickly but nice.
First he sneaks out of the mountain camp when he’s told no to forcing Gray Wing to go after him. Who knows what would have happened if Hagged peak never ran off.
Second he joins Clear Sky’s group which is a blow towards Gray Wing and his tribe. His brother pushes him so hard he falls out of a tree. After getting hurt he begs Gray Wing to take him and honestly WOW. I mean Jagged peak denies Gray Wing then comes crawling back when he sees fit. Third he’s mean to Thunder who had been rejected by his own farther. And that’s almost cruel. Even tough he has a limp he still chooses to show off for Holly. Meaning he could be injured further.
Jagged peak how ever has done a LOT of good to so he’s sorta ok.

This is a great warriors series you need to read I think any warriors fan would enjoy it.

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