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Rating Of Clans (Starless Clan “River”) by RootHeart

Rootheart shares their opinions on the Clans in the current arc.

[image description: brown tabby tom with blue eyes and a white underbelly wades through water]
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[image description: brown tabby tom with blue eyes and a white underbelly wades through water]

Hi and good day to everyone who reads this!
Rootheart is here to “Rank” the clans from “the least powerful and feared ” to “the best”
I will rank the clans as in the Starless clan: “River” book

[The clans go from “worst” to “best”]

Good reading time!

5. ThunderClan

Yes, after Ashfur came back from Starclan he almost destroyed his clan, most of the ThunderClan cats went to “think” about their home clan and not all of them came back. A lot of cats died in the battle against the impostor. In the book the clan was almost destroyed! In “River” we see a clan which is weak, has their leader under suspicion and a clan with so little queens and kits.

4. RiverClan

After Riverclan’s leader dies and the deputy goes missing, Riverclan becomes one of the most vulnerable clan. They had no guidance, only what medicine cats helped the clan and did all the leader’s job (one of them did not even have a connection to Starclan), their clan was lost. Then they found the new leader, Curlfeather, she was killed by the dogs and again Riverclan cats had nothing, they became even more lost.

3. Skyclan

It was quite hard to say which clan is in third place, but for me it is Skyclan. They are the newest to the forest, have a lot of warriors not clanborn (I don’t have anything wrong with being not clan born), they were affected by Ashfur too. But I love their attack moves. Hunting, attacking from the trees, it is really fascinating. It was a hard choice to put them in third place.

2. Windclan

Well, Windclan were affected the least by Ashfur, nothing happened to their leaders. It was quite hard for me to put them above Skyclan (one of my favourite clans). Well there is a downside. They are the smallest clan by size, but it gives them one huge advantage. They are very fast. They have, as they say, the best connection to Starclan and were the first clan.

1. Shadowclan

Well as you might have guessed the most powerful clan is Shadowclan. In the book all was fine, even great in Shadowclan, they were thriving. Even before, they were the most feared clan in the forest. Tigerstar made it quite weaker and more like other clans near the lake. But still the clan is really powerful and just great to live in.

Well so that’s it!
(I didn’t put Starclan because, you know, they are the best clan to live in)

I really hope you enjoyed reading my article and I would be really happy to see your thoughts in the comment section!

Goodbye! Have a great day and good luck

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