Bristleflights books and character ranking! by Bristleflight

Bristleflight rates the Warriors books and some characters.

Hi if your looking for a big ranking article then here it is.

Into the wild 4/10
It was an ok start to an arc really genetic.

Fire and ice. 4/10 it was boring except for a few moments.

A forest of secrets. 1/10 ugh silverstream. Also I hate graystripe in this book and tigerstar evil was lame one of the worst books.

A dangerous storm 3/10

A fire so original over prays for saving a kit elders die yellowfang died only good part.

A dangerous path 5/10
The best book in tpb it’s now for two things swiftpaw death and Bluestars death Wich were done really well but I never cared about thouse cats.

Darkest hour 2/10 a twist vilan is such a bad idea He’s so overrated and the ending felt so rushed.

Overall arc ranking 1.5/10 least favorite arc.

Time for the new Prophacy!

Midnight 5/10 ok start love the cast.

Moonrise 4/10 feathertail died in this book it was a sad scene.

Dawn 3/10 just traveling

Starlight 7/10
I really enjoyed this one leafpool finds the moonpool and mudclaw atemps murder.

Twilight 6.5/10 daisy comes and Badgers soled book!

Sunset 5/10 it was solved as well just lacking a few things!

Total arc ranking 5/10

Pot time!

The sight 7/10 great side characters but no real plot. Jaypaw is being forced to be a medcat I hate you spottedleaf.

Darkriver 5/10 lionpaw has a thing with heatherpaw the stupidest plot is revealed.
And they find some mising kits

Outcast 4/10 rock is here stupid tribe stuff.

Eclipse 6/10 sol is a cool villan the eclipse happens and you know.

Long shadows 8/10

A sickness then the most iconic moment this book was the best book so far!

Sunrise 5/10 all that’s really important is hollyleafs disappearance.

Total arc rank 6/10


The fourth aprentice 4/10
they go on a gerny because theres no water that’s litterly all that’s important

Faded acos

Ivypaw Gose to the dark forest longtail dies and lionblaze does a murder oopsy.

Nightwhisper 5/10

Flametail who is flametail it wasent important he died and oh jayfeather the blind not riverclan cat drowned him feels like a frecklewish.

Sign of the moon 5/10 they can pick the tribes leader now?

The forgotten warrior 7/10 hollyleaf comes out because sol is plotting. Cinderheart learns she is cinderpelt and would rather date her way hotter grand paw lol she’s just being petty.

The last hope 8.5/10

Great book but it was predictable but why firestar why not hollyleaf but then she died why? I thought there would be more thunderclan cats dieing.

Total arc ranking 6.5/10

Dotc yay!

The sun trail. 8/10 the one good traveling book that only took one book not even! Lots of stuff happens and it was great! Also storm gave birth to clearskys kit? Died your mate just died then abandoned it.

Thunder rising 7/10 there’s a fire also did I mention that clearskys and idiot. Also why you leaf graywing!?

The first battle 9/10 this book was butiful!

The Blazing star 6.5/10 you have another wife gees clearsky also also tom sucks.

A forest divided 7/10 mom disowned clear sky but forgave him in the end why?

Path of stars 7/10 graywing finally had kits of his own but died why it’s so unfair!

Total arc ranking 9/10


From now on I’m just giving rankings no comments unless I feel like there necessary

The aprentices Quist. 7/10

Thunder and shadow 5/10

Shattered sky 7.5/10

Darkest night 4/10

River of fire 6/10

The Raging storm 5/10

Overall arc ranking 7/10

Tbc my favorite arc!

Lost stars 10/10

Silent thaw 10/10

Veil of shadows 9.5/10

Darkness within 9/10

Place of no stars 8/10

A light in the mist 10/10 best book


River 8/10

Super additions

Bluestars prophecy 3/10
Crookedstars promise 10/10
Yellowfangs secret 4/10
Onestars confession 5/10
Leoperdstars houner 2/10
Tallstars revenge 8/10
Graystripes vow 6/10
Squirrelflights hope 8/10
Crowfeathers trial 9/10
Hawkwings jerney 7/10
Bramblestar’s storm 5/10
Skyclans destiny 2/10
Firestars quest 1/10
Mothflight vision 7/10
Tigerhearts shadow 5/10


Hollyleafs story 6/10
Mistystars omen 4/10
Cloudstar jerney 2/10 did not even have a gerny which many people were expecting a book that showcases skyclan finding a new home.

Tigerclaws fury 5/10
Leafpools wish 6.5/10
Dovewing silence 5/10
Mappleshades vengeance 8.5/10
Goosefeathers curse 7/10
Ravenpaws Farwell 4/10
Spottedleafs heart 0/10
Pinestars choice 5/10
Thunderstars eco 4.5/10
Redtails debt 2/10
Tawnypelts clan 5/10
Shadowstars life 7/10
Pebbleshines kits 5/10
Trees roots 8/10
Mothwings secret 6/10
Diasys kin 4/10
Blackfoots reckoning 1/10
Spotfurs rebellion 3/10


Rise is scourge 2/10
Tigerstar and Sasha 3/10
Graystripes edventur 4/10
Skyclan and the stranger 6/10
A shadow in riverclan 8/10
Winds of change 9/10
Exile from shadowclan 6/10

Can’t rank the field guides.

Now the protagonists.

Firestar 3/10
Bramblestar 1/10
Tawnypelt 7/10
Squirrelflight 9.5/10
Crowfeather 8/10
Stormfur 2/10
Feathertail 2/10
Hollyleaf 8/10
Jayfeather 8/10
Lionblaze 2/10
Ivypool 8.5/10
Dovewing 7/10
Flametail 1/10
Graywing 9/10
Clearsky 6/10
Thunder 4/10
Twigbranch 8/10
Violetshine 7/10
Alderheart 6/10
Shadowsight 1/10
Rootspring 9/10
Bristlefrost 10/10

Graystripe 6/10
Bluestar 2/10
Longtail 6/10
Darkstripe 5/10
Tigerstar 4/10
Brokenstar 3/10
Cinderpelt 5/10
Brierlight 5/10
Brightheart 7/10
Cloudtail 6/10
Spotfur 5/10
Mappleshade 7/10
Ashfur 7/10
Riverstar 7/10

By if you have any questions about my rankings or cats I did not cover them tell me in the comments!

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  • wow, that was very long! I think that the first arc was great, and I would’ve given it a much better rating. It started out showing a new way of life for Rusty and making clan life seem interesting. There are good characters and ships and an ending that really wrapped up the first arc well. Firestar grew from a kittypet to the leader of Thunderclan and earned respect from his clanmates, and I think that’s great.
    TNP was very boring in my opinion, especially the first half where it was super slow and just a bunch of walking. The second half was better.
    Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to write an entire essay on what all the arcs are like and what I think of them, this was just a very brief comment of what I thought of the first two arcs.

    edit: new page!!

    • I think Midnight was my least favourite book in TNP, it might just be me, but it felt like they were just travelling for A G E S . . .

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