[Brokenstar, Mapleshade, Thistleclaw, Tigerstar, Darkstripe, and Hawkfrost standing in a shadowy forest]

How Dark Forest Cats Became Evil by Maplekit

Maplekit discusses what sent these characters down a dark path.

[image description: Brokenstar, Mapleshade, Thistleclaw, Tigerstar, Darkstripe, and Hawkfrost stnading in a shadowy forest]
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[image description: Brokenstar, Mapleshade, Thistleclaw, Tigerstar, Darkstripe, and Hawkfrost stnading in a shadowy forest]

Do you really want to know how these vicious, bloodthirsty cats became evil in the first place? Here is a full article on evil cats such as Mapleshade, Thistleclaw, Darkstripe, Tigerstar, Breezepelt, Brokenstar, and more. This also includes a list of who I think are the top ten worst Dark Forest cats.

List Of Evil Dark Forest Cats:
– Tigerstar
– Breezepelt
– Mapleshade
– Darkstripe
– Thistleclaw
– Blackstar (When part of TigerClan)
– Scourge
– Hawkfrost
– Ashfur
– Darktail
– Sol

Why These Cats Are Evil:
Tigerkit was a good cat at first. When he was a kit, he was energetic and playful. But his two other littermates died, and when his father, Pinestar left him, he built up rage. When he finally became an apprentice, his mentor was Thistleclaw, who trained him as if he were a rogue. When he finally became a warrior, Tigerclaw had a thirst for leadership. No matter how hard he tried, he didn’t become Clan deputy until after Firestar joined the Clan. Tigerclaw, of many cats, hated that a kittypet would try to become part of a clan. But once Firestar became leader, Tigerclaw was exiled, and led ShadowClan. When he finally gathered Scourge, and BloodClan, he turned traitor on all the Clans, threatening to kill them all. But Scourge would not obey, and so, they killed Tigerstar.

Mapleshade’s story had only been told when she was a warrior. She fell in love with a cat from another Clan, named Appledusk. The deputy of Mapleshade’s Clan, Birchface, was thought to have been drowned by Appledusk, and so when Mapleshade had her kits, and she had no known mate in the Clan, ThunderClan, her clan, thought she mated with Birchface, and was expecting kits when he died. When her kits were born, they found out they could swim, because of Appledusk’s RiverClan blood. When one time, they tried to swim over the river, and they were drowned by a flood. Mapleshade couldn’t take it after she lost all three kits, so she went to RiverClan. but Appledusk wanted to be loyal to his Clan, so he rejected Mapleshade. Mapleshade was thought to be the first cat to join the Dark Forest, and so she reigned terror upon many cats.

Breezepelt was known to be an evil cat for a short amount of time. They only thought why Breezepelt was evil was because Crowfeather didn’t show any love for him, and he found out his father, Crowfeather, had broken the warrior code by mating with Leafpool.

Brokenstar is one of the most evil cats to ever live, and so, he is going on my top ten list. Brokenkit, when he was born, was thought to be named Brokenkit because of his broken tail. When he was born, his sisters, Wishkit and Hopekit, died at birth, right before Brokenkit’s very eyes. As he grew up, he was fostered by Lizardstripe, who hated him, and treated him worse than Yellowfang would have treated him. once Brokentail was deputy on ShadowClan,

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  • Darn I already knew how these warriors took the path of darkforest, but you explain it so well. My fav is Mapleshade because I just feel so bad for her. Her kits drowned, her mate cheated on her, and she was exiled. It’s just horrible how her life was.

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