Gathering Results!

*drumrolls* at last, the moment all you wonderful folks have been waiting for! The results for this wintry gathering! I’d first like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated – anyone who hosted games, sent in fanart/fanfiction, or just hung around on the live chat with us! You all make the blog such a wonderful, special place and this gathering would not have been the same without you!

WindClan and RiverClan were off to a quick lead, sweeping Riverspirit’s Keyboard game and Moonbreeze’s Warriors Trivia, ending up with 8 and 7 points respectively. ShadowClan dominated Osprey’s Warriors Trivia, earning them a solid 8 points in that game alone!

WindClan was ready for a comeback, earning 5 points in Nightwind’s game, which he generously hosted as a stand-in! RiverClan was not far behind either, earning 6 points in Lilypaw’s game just before the end of the Gathering.

ThunderClan’s creativity is not to be ignored, either! As they earned a respectable 2 points in Aurum’s game, Snowbreeze’s NTA, and “Song that Warrior” by Valleykit! Their determination and creativity made them a formidable opponent in the creative games, especially!

Now, let’s get on with the results for the art contest and writing contest!

In third place for the art contest is Hazelsplash’s drawing of Redtail! The beautiful background and the vibrant colours truly make this drawing feel like a Warriors book cover!

a traditional drawing of a black and orange spotted cat with amber eyes sitting in a field, looking to the right

In second place, we have Icepelt’s Juniperclaw! I love Juniperclaw’s imposing stature and the beautiful trees in the background!

a drawing of a black cat with green eyes, sitting in the forest facing the camera

And in first place (drumroll, please!), Eggpaw’s Mapleshade! The pose is so dynamic, I love it; it really makes it feel like Mapleshade is ready to pounce. I can feel the villainy radiating off of her :0

a drawing of a black and orange cat in a barren forest. it stands, ready to pounce, with its tail in the air

Now, for the results of the writing contest!

Coming in at third place, we have Nightwind’s awesome story called “Dire Consequences”!

Dire Consequences by Nightwind:

Tigerheartstar awoke, the ground surrounding him was now white, soft, and fluffy. The aura around him was scintillating, and Tigerstar was extremely confused as to where he was. “Where am I?” Tigerstar meowed inquisitively.
At first there was no response. Tigerstar waited for some time, but there was still no response. Then, twelve already killed shrews located in his peripheral vision caught his attention. He was hungry, so he decided to go towards the dead shrews. As he was around a twoleg-length away from the shrews, he heard a voice. He heard a calm, quiet soft voice meow, “This way.”
Tigerstar followed the voice, until 9 cats appeared in front of him. He panickedly meowed, “What exactly is going on here?”
“Well, you see,” one she-cat murmured, “The Erins have run out of book ideas after they have written 7 entire book series and many other Super Editions and Novellas. So, they decided to take ten random leaders, and put them all in Starclan for one night to discuss what should become of the Warriors Series.”
“If there are 10 leaders, then why were there twelve shrews located on the counter?” Tigerstar asked.
“Honestly, I have no idea,” The she-cat replied.
“No, I had a vision,” A tom replied, “A vision where there were 12 cats. And that there was war. And if the cat count ever reaches 12, we all will face dire consequences.”

“Oh, be quiet,” the she-cat retorted. Then she turned to Tigerstar, “You can ignore him.”
“Can we eat the shrews?” Tigerstar impatiently asked.
“Yes you can,” the she-cat replied, “In fact, we all have been talking about the Warriors crisis for too long, let’s all take a snack break.”
“Make sure you all only eat 10 total! Eating any more will cause the two other cats to be invoked, which will result in dire consequences,” The tom impudently stated.
“Oh, don’t listen to him,” The she-cat replied, “Eat as many as you like.” And needless to say, all twelve shrews were gone within twelve minutes.
All ten cats then started discussing about the future of warriors. “Maybe we should have a very terrible leaf-bare that wipes out half the population! Readers will love it!” One cat meowed enthusiastically.
“Nah,” Another cat mewed, “We should have a disease kill half the population! Readers will dig that!”
“Hmm, maybe we should have a Dark Forest uprising?” A third cat meowed gently.
“Nah, we already did that,” the second cat stated, “Twice.” Many ideas were thrown around the room but none of them could be universally agreed upon.
Then one cat suggested, “Maybe we should look at the Silverpelt. That might give us ideas.”
All ten cats went towards the Silverpelt. However, that same tom from before yelled, “Twelve stars, all in a row! That’s a terrible sign!”
“Well,” The she-cat meowed sarcastically, “If you’re so smart, then why don’t you tell us what it means!”
The tom was silent for a few seconds before he exclaimed, “It means that the eleventh and twelfth cat are going to kill us!” Then he turned to his left and yowled, “Look there! It’s Tigerstar!”

“I know I’m here,” Tigerheartstar meowed, “What’s your point?”
“No, no, not you! It’s Tigerstar! Tigerclawstar! And Brokenstar!” he yowled.
At this point, all nine cats were running away from Brokenstar and Tigerclawstar while Tigerheartstar was naïvely asking, “Aren’t both of them double-dead?”
“Well, yes,” Tigerclaw meows, “We were. But not anymore.”
“Enough questions,” Brokenstar meows, and then turns too Tigerheartstar. “You die now.”
Tigerheartstar yowled and screeched for help, but it was too late. He was dead on the Starclan floor, and the Dark Forest had one. And that crazy tom, Firestar, was right all along.

Wow, I love the drama of the final scene! Thanks for sharing, Nightwind 😀

In second place, we have Mountainstorm’s awesome story called “Opportunity’s Crow”, which is linked on the Wiki; you can read it here:

And in first place…Dusklight’s story called “Gathering of Stars”, which came with a cool cover image!

drawing of a grey tabby cat with pink scars and blue eyes. multicoloured stars decorate the grey background. there is text reading: “Dusklight Presents, Warriors, Ivypool:Gathering of Stars” and “Happy 20 Warriors”

Here is the story:

Ivypool’s heart pounded in her chest as she followed her clanmates onto the tree bridge that led to the gathering island. All of them knew what this remarkable occasion was, and yet none of them knew how to put it into words.

Twenty years since…

Ivypool thought of their famous leader Firestar. He had brought all clans through trouble after trouble, and created more harmony in the forest then the clans had ever experienced. Today marked exactly twenty years since the flame-coloured legend had reached the forest.

Ivypool’s paws skimmed over the ground, and she felt lighter than she ever had in years. As though she was just a kit, Ivypool leaped off the tree and onto the gathering island.

“Are you excited?”

Ivypool turned to see Brightheart padding up to her. The ginger and white she-cat’s blue eye shone. “Firestar has given so much to the forest,” Brightheart smiled with affection towards the deceased warrior.

Ivypool watched as her clanmates began to mingle with other clans. They all seemed so comfortable around the other clans. She turned back to Brightheart with an awe filled expression.

“This is about even more than just Firestar,” she whispered in awe. “It’s twenty years since the clans truly evolved from more than just scrappy ferals. It’s twenty years since we first found what it truly means to be a warrior.”

“Let the gathering begin! We have much to discuss.”

Ivypool eyed Tigerstar warily. Her first thought was to be hostile towards him, and something about him didn’t look quite right. There was an odd gleam in the ShadowClan leader’s gaze that she hadn’t seen in moons. Was he…excited?

Leafstar spoke up next. “To honour these twenty years of being true warriors,” she announced. “We have a special gathering for you all. A gathering of more than just our clans.”

“What?” Ivypool lifted her voice amidst the tumult of growls of confusion.

Jayfeather huffed. “I told them it would be mousebrained. Totally and utterly impossible,” the sightless cat muttered from where he stood. Then his eyes softened. “But then I met with Firestar. And my… my mother. They both agreed, and now I’m so glad they did.”

Ivypool watched with wide eyes as, in unison, all the leaders, deputies and Medicine Cats leaped off their places on the Great Oak. For a moment, nothing happened, and then stars started to appear.

The stars formed into paws, then tails, then faces, and suddenly, Ivypool was facing ranks upon ranks of StarClan warriors. A dark ginger tom stood at the centre of them.

“My friends,” he murmured with sadness and affection. “Tonight all the cats who were alive in the last twenty years gather together to share memories.”

Then, the starlit cats descended on the clearing. Ivypool saw warriors of all clans begin to mingle with the StarClan warriors. There were yowls of grief and deep affection. Ivypool let out a sigh, wishing another cat were among the starry ranks.

Suddenly. there was a flash of light. Ivypool thought for just a moment, she saw the cat she grieved for the most watching her from atop the Great Oak. The cat nodded to her softly.

Then, Ivypool padded towards the cats of all the clans. A lot has happened in twenty years, she reflected. And a lot more will happen next. But we have so many cats to love and protect, through it all. This is what it means to truly be warriors.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Gathering! The final results are as following

In fourth place we have…ThunderClan with 14 points!

ShadowClan come in third place with 37 points!

Just ahead of ShadowClan with have Riverclan with 47 points!

And coming in at first place, with a whopping 63 points…we have WindClan!

Huge congratulations to WindClan, and thank you to everyone who participated, this was a ton of fun! Happy birthday, Warriors!



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