[image description: a chibi black cat with a white paw, blue eyes, and a toothed collar eats a cookie]

Scourge and why I defend him by Flintleaf

Flintleaf defends Scourge.

[image description: a chibi black cat with a white paw, blue eyes, and a toothed collar eats a cookie]
Art by yumisuu
[image description: a chibi black cat with a white paw, blue eyes, and a toothed collar eats a cookie]

Now I know that Scourge is considered ‘Overrated’ but that doesn’t give me a reason to not love him! The message here is that you can love whoever you want, it doesn’t matter if they are overrated or not, because that doesn’t make them bad. Always remember that you are the only one that can control yourself, don’t let other people change that.

My first reason is his past,
I hate Socks and Ruby and you all know why. Tigerpaw almost killed him, if it wasn’t for Bluestar, he’d be dead before he was even evil. His brother and sister bullied him and that was the entire reason he actually ran away, I’ll put this into words from the book. “And you know what happens to unwanted kittens?” “They get thrown, in the river.” Said by Ruby. I honestly feel bad for him, and he is given a very valid and strong reason to become who he is.

My second reason is is success
For my second reason, I’ll be discussing all the amazing things that Scourge has done in his life. He fought off Tigerstar in a CLEARLY unfair fight. Tigerstar’s advantage: Nine lives, Leader, Has trained for moons, Is stronger, Is a warrior.
Scourge’s Advantage: None exept being tiny.
As you can see, Scourge did amazing things even before I haven’t moved on to my next example.
He scared a dog with his SHADOW. The cats weren’t even able to fight it but all of a sudden a tiny black cat, formerly a kittypet with a white paw shows up and finishes what they were trying to to for many moons in just a few seconds. Now THAT’S impressive.

My third reason is his absoloute cuteness and his unique fur
Now normally you’d see a black cat, Scourge is a black cat with a paw gone wrong, and it’s hilarious. He was the one who started the whole ‘Dog teeth in a collar’ thing and I love him for it, don’t you agree that he has a great eye for fashion?

These are all my reasons why Scourge is not OVERRATED. In my opinion, he did a lot to earn the popularity that he has. I hope you enjoyed,

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  • Huh! I respect your opinions because it is your right to! But short in all, to me Scourge is a horrible, terrible cat!(My opinion) He literally kills other cats, why else is it called ‘Bloodclan’? He hurt Barley and Violet and I LOVE those two(and Ravenpaw) so when I heard that Scourge tried to kill a PREGNANT she-cat, I loathed this overrated mangefur for a long time. Also he showed up one time and that’s all he’s nothing all that good with his boring and basic backstory . Many people and cats might’ve gone through what Scourge went through yet they don’t start a cult and start hurting others and leading on trauma! (He’s been doing so for YEARS yet people begin to hate on characters like Lionblaze or Brambleclaw for some few moments of their life(Though I get the Bramble thing a bit))Case in point.

      • I know lmafo, but GAWD SCOURGE IS A HECKING CULT LEADER and his followers are literally the worst cats read the mangas with Barley and Ravenpaw? I actually like Bramblestar(I’m human do I not earn the right to have opinions?)the writers wrote him bad so I despise the Erins(Also we didn’t see Squirrelflight’s Hope from his eyes, and the other clan leaders were also pressuring him and his own cats too lol. he doesn’t even know the sisters on a personal level so-) So if you’re enough to hate an ‘abuser’ how much can you not hate a serial killer huh?

    • Scourage is fine and I wasn’t into learning the deepest part of him. I only knew that his siblings were mean and blah blah blah you get the point. he’s fine in a way but also annoying. Especially the Ashfur x Sourage. Don’t get me wrong on that one. But, it’s in between. He had some hardships and done some stupid things But, I cant say that I hat him or love him. i just don’t focus on him. He’s my background character in fact.

  • Great article!! I think Scourge is a cool villain but i don’t defend him. Even if he had terrible siblings and the whole Tigerpaw thing, i don’t think that’s an excuse for murdering other cats

  • Great article! I agree with everything you said! Especially the one on his childhood!

  • Nice article! I really feel bad for Scourge, he had a rough early life! (And I love the picture!! It’s so cute!!) 😀

  • Great article, but I strongly disagree. Although he had a tough past, that doesn’t excuse any of his actions whatsoever. Bluestar had a tough past- she turned out alright. Crookedstar had a tough past and he’s known as one of the best RiverClan leaders.

    Your second point I guess I can kind of understand but it’s kind of weird you’re using it to defend Scourge, while you’re third point is most likely a joke, but dog teeth in collars is cool but unpractical.

  • Brackenpaw/tuft who can't wait for the new Owl House episodes! Huntlow forever!!!!!!!!!(A.K.A. Lilypaw and Cricketpaw) says:

    Great article! Scourge is cool.

  • No offense i luv ur writing it’s a great article but i have 2 agree that scourge IS a bit overrated… every cats had sad backgrounds; it’s they can choose where 2 go. 4 example, twigbranch & violetshine lost their kin in a young age & their loyalty 2 their clans was always questioned but they remained good right? Scourge is EVIL 🙁
    Still, great article!!! ❤️

  • I defend Scourge because he ran away from his home when he was young, thinking that it was true that unwanted kit’s were thrown in the river. He didn’t know that his whole life would turn out to be a lie, and he turned evil because he took out his anger from his mom on other cats. He just ended up being crueler and crueler and he then died.

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