[Spottedleaf looks over her shoulder at Firestar who stands behind her]

Why I don’t like the SpottedXFire ship By Foampaw

Foampaw shares their thoughts on the Spottedleaf and Firestar ship.

[image description: foreground: Spottedleaf looks over her shoulder at Firestar who stands behind her]
Art by Vialir (separate; unknown editor)
[image description: foreground: Spottedleaf looks over her shoulder at Firestar who stands behind her]

Hello, just before I start, I would like to say that I am NOT going after anyone who ships SpottedXFire. This is just my opinion. Who am I to judge what you decide to do with each character’s relationships? So now let’s start!

When Firepaw joined the clan, the first time he saw Spottedleaf was when she was tending to Ravenpaw. He tried to introduce himself, but Spottedleaf told him to just go away and that she couldn’t work with him right there. She obviously did not care about first impressions, or FIREPAW, for that matter.

And then, after some other visits, he goes to Spottedleaf’s den for some mouse bile for Yellowfang. and the ship BEGINS! he starts to literally SMELL her breath as he takes the piece of bark with mouse bile on it… Need I say more?

When Spottedleaf is dead (the first time), Firepaw is angry, and I mean ANGRY. like your phone-just-ran-out-of-battery-but-you’re-in-the-middle-of-nowhere angry. And now poor Firepaw gets haunted by Spottedleaf and falls more and more in love with her, and falls into this hole of misery. He does, eventually (when he’s Fireheart), get a mate, Sandstorm. SPOTTEDLEAF’S NIECE, might I add. (such a big age gap!!!) Sure, I can’t be with Spottedleaf, so I’ll just be with someone RELATED to her instead! Yep, great idea!

In the book, The Darkest Hour, Fireheart is asleep at the Moonstone to get his nine lives, and guess who’s there? SPOTTEDLEAF. And Fireheart is so excited to see her, Of course, still crushing on her after so many moons. Oh, Bluestar and Yellowfang are here? Pfff, I only care about Spottedleaf!

And now, In the great battle, Spottedleaf dies(for real this time), and her last words were “My love.” excuse me. *silently gags*
And henceforth, Firestar wails, because he loved Spottedleaf. (He didn’t live for too long after that lol)

To sum it all up, the SpottedXFire ship is kinda creepy, especially since Spottedleaf was 4 years older than Firestar, and she was haunting him in his dreams like a psychopath.

Thank you so much for reading! This is my first article, and I hope to be writing many more in the future!🐈🐈🐈

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  • Wayyyy too big of an age gap, and also, most warriors are related, even if distantly cause theres no out of clan relation ships; not supposedddd to be anyway. It’s really creepy how Spottedleaf stalks him, i used to love her until she started stalking him. HE LITTERALLY WIALS WHEN SHE DIES FOR REAL, granted, i would if my best friend died, completely understandable. but no. her last words were ‘my love’ gross. and bro, Firestar, YOU ARE A MARRIED MAN. Either he’s cheating on Sandstorm, or he’s being stalked severly. also, not much chemistry or development in their relationship.

  • Great article!! I hate SpottedXFire too

  • yea, Spotted was OLDER than Darkstripe, who was labelled as a grumpy old warrior, and Fire was an apprentice, a newly-made one at that!

  • Fire x spotted is sooooo weird & awkward… i was quite shocked when spottedleaf died though fire x sand is wayyyyyyyy better (& why is he keep obsessed with her even AFTER he mates with sandstorm??) great article!!! ❤️

  • TBH, I kinda liked the SpottedxFire ship until WARRIORS: THE LAST HOPE, when Spottedleaf said “My love.” At that point I was crying so I ended up reading it again… I just… I nearly vomited when Spottedleaf said her last words. “Oh, my GOODNESS! My LOVE! OOOOOOOOOH!”

    It just gets kinda annoying when people keep repeating “I love you” or “My love”

    • dudes


      one moment, *coughs*

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