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The Problem with StarClan by Sandbreeze

Sandbreeze takes a look at the afterlife in Warriors.

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Art by Chaseya
[image description: a see-through starry cat on a starry background]

Hello BlogClan! I hope you’re having a lovely day! My article is about my headcanon that I have about something after StarClan. I hope you enjoy!
StarClan. It’s life after death, it’s paradise! Well, at least it’s supposed to be paradise. But looking from the books, StarClan isn’t all that great. They’re the reason Mapleshade is evil, the reason Mosskit is dead, the reason so many cats are dead! All of the books have villains, but how did those cats become villains, hmm?
Let’s look at Tigerstar 1.
Tigerstar 1 was born to Leopardfoot and Pinestar, and the age gap is gross, but that’s an article for another time. Anyways, Pinestar decided that living as a kittypet for the rest of his life was better than being a Clan cat, so he said a quick goodbye, then went to the kittypet life without another word. This made Tigerstar 1 insecure, knowing that his father, who was supposed to be a great leader, was now a kittypet. Mapleshade saw this and became the voice in his head, and she revealed herself way later on when Tigerstar was exiled from ThunderClan. By then Tigerstar had gotten too far that he listened to Mapleshade, and that’s why Tigerstar 1 is double dead because he killed a bunch of cats in his hunger for revenge. Why is StarClan responsible for this? Well, they could’ve stopped Mapleshade from making Tigerstar evil. Now, I know what you’re going to say, “StarClan can’t stop bad cats.” And that’s exactly my point. You’ll understand what I mean at the end.
Now let’s look at Mapleshade.
At the beginning of her novella, we learn Mapleshade is expecting a RiverClan tom’s kits, Appledusk. She tells him and he’s happy, but secretly he’s with another she-cat, Reedshine. When Mapleshade tells Oakstar she’s expecting kits, he’s glad. But when Frecklewish finds out, she assumes that they’re her brother’s, Birchface. She’s excited, but when the kits are born they aren’t great jumpers like her father, and suspicion arises. Then she meets Appledusk with their kits, and Ravenwing, the medicine cat, finds out. He tells the Clan and Mapleshade is exiled. Mapleshade takes her kits to RiverClan, but they fall into the river and drown before RiverClan can save them. At RiverClan she is banished, and she finds out Reedshine is with Appledusk. Appledusk apologies and says he made a terrible mistake, then Mapleshade goes on her murdering rampage and the rest is history. Why is StarClan responsible for this? Well, if they hadn’t despised forbidden relationships so much, and put a code for it, then Mapleshade would be happy and good in ThunderClan.
That were examples of cats turned evil. Now that we see how StarClan isn’t what cats say it is.
StarClan seems like normal cats, except they have superpowers. That’s literally the only thing that makes them powerful. They didn’t make clouds cover the moon when SkyClan left the forest, and they didn’t tell anyone about SkyClan because they were ASHAMED. Isn’t ashamed a living cat emotion? Ashamed shouldn’t be an emotion when you’re a spirit, you should have wisdom and know you made a mistake, and correct it.
Kits stay kits forever.
I actually got this from a Moonkitti video, it’s the one about Spottedleaf(it’s really funny by the way, you should check it out). Imagine you die when you’re a kit, and you have to stay that way for eternity, or at least until you fade away, which is a looooooooong time. Imagine that. You see the big, powerful warriors with their big muscles while you aren’t all the way grown and you have tiny muscles. I’d be jealous, and it would be very hard because I’d stay like that until I disappear.
They fade away/you can die twice
It’s said that StarClan cats will fade eventually, and I just can’t imagine not existing anymore. That would be horrible, gone off the face of the earth, no one remembering what you look like…*Shivers* I’d hate that. Now, for the die twice thing(MAJOR SPOILERS FOR A LIGHT IN THE MIST) Bristlefrost died twice, Spottedleaf died twice, Snowtuft died twice, I hate that. They all had a great chance to have a good, happy life, but no. They died TWICE. That doesn’t really make sense, because if you’re already dead, you’re a spirit. But how can a spirit die??? Well, Warriors is fiction, so I don’t need to go around making it less fake. Anyways, I cried silently when Bristlefrost died, I wish she could have lived with Rootspring and have kits. Instead, she sacrificed her life for a HORRIBLE CAT NAMED ASHFUR. She disappeared off the earth, gone forever…or did she?
Here comes my headcanon…
My headcanon is that there is a life after a cat has died twice, and that they are able to form into a spirit again. There, you cannot die, you will grow up, and you make the prophecies that go to StarClan. That’s what I always thought, that there was a higher force than StarClan that gave them prophecies, since I always wondered where they came from. I mean, where else did they come from? Space? Aliens? 😛 Cats will get a second chance, and there will be no Dark Forest. Remember when I said “StarClan can’t stop bad cats?” Well, in this paradise cats see a vision of a perfect life that they could make if they fixed their mistakes. The vision will seem more enticing to them then murdering for revenge and this place called…I’m going to call it Haven, will be full of good cats. There will be no Dark Forest, and cats will get a second chance, unlike the real StarClan that doesn’t give second chances(exception is Ashfur, and even if he turned evil they didn’t give him that enticing vision). There will be no cats that can cloud their vision of the Clans, and they will still be able to send prophecies. They will also not make mistakes like StarClan, like what they did with Ashfur. They will also not be rude, mean, ashamed, horrible, cruel, or any other living cat emotion, because they will correct their mistakes. Some of the StarClan cats seem mean in their afterlife, like Moth Flight in Squirrelflight’s Hope, but rudeness will not be in Haven.
Would you like a Haven? Do you think there is a Haven? Do you like StarClan? Feel free to answer in the comments! Thank you for reading!

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  • Honestly I hated StarClan before you made this article. You say they’re normal cats but with superpowers. Honestly I think they’re normal cats that died and became self-satisfied idiots. I did a Clan Generator, and I’m gonna make a fanfic with it where the main character shows that the Dark Forest is better and StarClan is worse than everyone thinks. Also, I’ve definitely thought up a Haven before! Mine’s called MoonClan tho :3

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