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Why RiverClan is the most underrated and awesome Clan ever by Songwing

Songwing explains why RiverClan is much better than everyone thinks.

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Hi! Songkit/wing here with my first article! And yeah. I’m gonna make everyone hate me with it. Ahem- RIVERCLAN IS THE BEST CLAN AND IT IS SO UNDERRATED!!!! Now, before you kill me, allow me to explain. RiverClan. RiverClan is great. But they don’t get enough time to show it. They do get a main focus with Frostpaw in the latest arc (A Starless Clan) But I’m not talking about that. We’re talking about the LAST few arcs. This new one isn’t finished yet. For all we know, they could pull a Bristlefrost on Frostpaw and switch to ANOTHER ThunderClan perspective. Anyway, REASONS. Let’s get to it. Time for Songkit’s Reasons for RiverClan. Oh and btw, minor spoilers for the new arc in here! fairly minor though.

Reason 1: Okay. Name one IMPORTANT RiverClan cat. Side note: THEY CAN’T BE DEAD…. THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT. As of the new arc… Mistystar: DEAD, Reedwhisker: DEAD, Leopardstar: DEAD. Stonefur: DEADZO. Feathertail: SMASHED. Silverstream: D.I.B.A (Died in Birth Action) Crookedstar: CROAKED. Yup. Soak THAT in. Dead or irrelevant. Yup. That’s the RiverClan life. #GiveRiverClanRelevance

Reason 2: Okay. Now let’s count some RiverClan P.O.Vs! Lets see, we get like one or two in the last book of The New Prophecy… And then… excluding the mangas and special editions…. That leaves us with one or two. Not counting the new arc. But even counting the new arc, that’s only one more with Frostpaw. So 3. Wowwwww. THREE RIVERCLAN P.O.Vs IN THE MAIN SERIES, GUYS. THREE. Yikes.

Reason 3: ThunderClan sucks. I will not elaborate. Okay fine, I’ll elaborate. Ahem- ThunderClan takes up 98% of the first and second arc (And honestly the third too.) P.O.Vs, and Firestar is a Gary Stu if you ask me. Then, the Erins got sensible and killed him via tree. Great. Wrapped up. Now let’s get a WindClan P.O.V or something. Then they start churning out the clones. Squirrelflight, Sparkpelt, Leafpool, Bramblestar, Lionblaze… I love these characters SO MUCH but you have to admit at their core… It’s basically just Firestar all over again. Which is kinda just sad. And they’re not gonna kill those guys anytime soon so…. Yeah. ThunderClan sucks and at this point everyone is just Firestar. Except Jayfeather. Jayfeather is amazing.

All in all, those are my opinions all over the floor! Thanks for hating me! Bye!!!

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