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Discussing Graystripes life by Coralroot

Coralroot takes a look at Greystripe’s life.

[image description: a fluffy grey cat with yellow eyes in a green forest]
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[image description: a fluffy grey cat with yellow eyes in a green forest]

Hello Blogclanners! It’s Coralroot here (I used to be Silverleap)! Today I will be discussing Graystripe’s life but only till “Omen of the Stars” because that is how far I have read.

First I will be discussing some reasons why some Warrior fans don’t like him: 1. He brok the Warrior Code…. ok what?! like that doesn’t even make sense! EVERY single main character has broken the Warrior Code more than once! 2. He wasn’t loyal: That is a very single minded reason. I understand him! If you can’t remember one of Silverstreams last words were “Take care of our kits” Yea I would want to keep that promise from someone I loved. 3. He mated with a RC cat yea I know that is pretty bad but if he didn’t then Feathertail wouldn’t have been bored and the mission from “The New Prophecy” wouldn’t have been completed that would mean Crowfeather would have died so if he died then Jayfeather, Lionblaze & Hollyleaf wouldn’t have been born and if they werent born then The clan would have been destroyed! and if they were destroyed then Jayfeather would die and I can’t have Jayfeather die because he is my favorite character! so… he seems very important to me. 4. He wasn’t a good friend I understand this because he DID attack Fireheart that got me annoyed but the more he grew the more he matured and in the other books he was so incredible! When he told Firestar he would wait for him as long as it took It melted my heart he was so sweat! 5. He left the clans a 2nd time: I haven’t read this far but I heard it in a Akira video. I understand why he would want to leave… both his mated died and his 2 best friends so he seemed lonely and I can’t be mas at him!

Anyway that is all for now. Sorry if I sounded rude I can be a little grumpy like Mousefur at moments! I hope you enjoy and feel free to put you thoughts in the comment section!

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  • Great article! I’m neutral on Graystripe

  • Cool article! I think Graystripe was a pretty cool character, I get why he did the things he did. And, YESS, TEAM GRAY!!!

  • Firestorm (Storm with Fire at the Core) 🔥 🔥 🔥 who can't change the profile picture anymore for some reason 🤔 says:

    Amazing article! I love Graystripe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brackenpaw/tuft who can't wait for the new Owl House episodes! Huntlow forever!!!!!!!!!(A.K.A. Lilypaw and Cricketpaw) says:

    Great article! I like Graystripe.

  • Great article! But I hate Graystripe in TPB….Am I the only one?? to back up my claim, he is disloyal, and never deserved to be deputy. Not after HE DITCHED BRACKENFUR(paw). Plus, didn’t he chicken out when he went to Riverclan? Graystripe wanted to do ‘ The best for his kits ‘ but as soon as Thunderclan and Riverclan went to battle over Sunningrocks he was like “NOPE” MAKE UP YOUR MIND GRAYSTRIPE- Other than that, I like Gray x Silver and his character development later on in the series!

  • Nice article! I don’t like Graystripe, he attacks Fireheart because he asked Graystripe to stop seeing Silverstream. Then, when Graystripe goes to Riverclan, he refuses to attack Fireheart, putting his kits through so much stress.

  • Say it with me:


    *pops confetti cannon*

    I give cookies only to people who love Graystripe than more anybody else

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