[image description: chibi cat forms of Harry Potter characters]

Giving Harry Potter Companions and Pets Warrior Names by Meadowfern

Meadowfern gives characters from Harry Potter warrior names.

[image description: chibi cat forms of Harry Potter characters, lightly animated]
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[image description: chibi cat forms of Harry Potter characters]

Hi! It’s Meadowpaw here with my third article! In this one I will be giving some of the animal companions and pets in Harry Potter Warrior names. I have always loved animals and I really enjoy reading about the magical creatures in Harry Potter, so I thought why not do an article that includes Warriors, Harry Potter, and animals in it? I hope you like it!

Hedwig was such an amazing companion to Harry, she was extremely loyal and so smart, she could deliver letters to Sirius Black even when he was in hiding and moving from place to place. I would give her the prefix Snow, she is a snowy owl after all, and she is white like snow. For a suffix I would say dapple, because her feathers are kind of dappled. So… Snowdapple!

Crookshanks just really reminds me of Yellowfang because both of them have broad, flat faces and they both look grumpy. Grumpyface would really fit him! I think the names Gingertuft and Gingerdash would be nice names for him. Gingertuft because he is ginger and tuft because he has very long thick fur. Gingerdash because I feel like he’s always running or chasing after something like Scabbers or Extendable Ears.

I wasn’t thinking of giving him a name at first, he was only mentioned in the books in the Philosopher’s Stone and maybe the Chamber of Secrets? I would give him the prefix Mud, he kinda looks the colour of greenish mud. For a suffix I would say hop or croak because those are basically the only two things I remember him doing. So… Mudhop or Mudcroak!

I would give Fang the prefix Slobber because he is always drooling over everyone who gets close to him. For a suffix I would say heart because he really cares for Hagrid and is really loyal and will defend him, even if he is afraid. Slobberheart!

Fluffy’s name definitely doesn’t fit Fluffy’s personality! He is more vicious and fierce than soft and cuddly. I would name him Wolffang because he kind of is like an aggressive wolf with 3 heads and fang because warriors with the name fang, like Yellowfang, have a fierce personality.

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