The Blog Monthly – The Third Edition

The Blog Monthly is back – written by Lil, fresh off the printing press…

Hello, everyone! It’s been a little while but I’m glad to be back 😀 I am Lilybreeze, and I have a ton of news to catch ya’ll up on! We missed January, so this’ll be a combined edition, covering news from January-February of this year 😉

a tabby cat playing in string lights


The Winter Gathering was announced officially in mid-January, and from there teams, and schedules were created. Mounty and Swiffers donated their time to create some awesome Gathering art, while Osprey, myself, and the rest of the moddos planned out everything behind the scenes! The theme of this years Gathering was the Original Clans, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Warrior Cats! The Gathering finally arrived the weekend of February 4th, and we spent the whole time having fun. There were tons of games, contests, and chatting, and overall it was just a good time! The results came out on February 20th. Pop over there to check out the detailed results, read the writing contest entries, and take a peek at the art contest entries. For those who’d prefer a quick summary, I have a mini summary right here:

Art Contest Winners: 3rd – Hazelsplash, 2nd – Icepelt, 1st – Eggpaw

Writing Contest Winners: 3rd – Nightwind, 2nd – Mountainstorm, 1st – Dusklight

Team Winners: 4th – ThunderClan, 3rd – ShadowClan, 2nd – RiverClan, 1st – WindClan

Congrats to everyone who won, and thank you to everyone who participated. It was such a fun event, and I can’t wait til the next one!!


Clanniversary Change: To help me time manage a bit more, and make sure everyone still gets recognized, the Clanniversaries will be permanently switching over to Round Up posts. The timing of these will change, depending on what I have going on and how many Clanniversaries need to be posted, but they will happen. Thank you all for being so patient with me, I really appreciate it <3

Birthdays in the Coming Months: Hi everyone, this is Aquila here for a paragraph! I just wanted to let you all know of my plans for the birthdays up until mid-June. I’m currently in year 11 in England and this year is an exam year for me with some quite important exams called GCSEs I have to sit in May and June. Therefore, I sadly no longer have the time to make individual posts for you all until after my exams are all over as I need to revise. If you submitted your birthday for March after the 20th February 2023, you will be included in a round up post at the end of March instead of an individual post – so if you don’t see a post for you, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you, this is why! 🙂 Also for everyone who has a birthday between April-June, there will be something a little different, regardless of when you submitted your form with your birthday in. That’s all, I’ll hand back to Lil now, and I hope this clears up some questions you might have in the coming months.

Trailing Stars: We are currently working on finishing up the final chapter of Trailing Stars – I’m not sure how long it’ll take but I just wanted to let you know it is in the works!

an orange cat licking its paw

As we didn’t have a ton of news to go over, it is already time for the important dates, followed up by features…aka: time for the fun stuff :p


Wishing the happiest birthdays to all of these awesome BlogClanners!!


  • Wrenfeather
  • Greenmeadow
  • Lightningpaw
  • Breezeflame
  • Iceclaw
  • Bea
  • Wavesplash
  • Skyfall
  • Hazelmist
  • Ripplefrost
  • Dovelight
  • Rainbowshine
  • Spiceheart
  • Owlcall

And a very happy Clanniversary to all of the awesome BlogClanners who have hung out with us for a year!!


  • Wrenfeather
  • Loudstorm
  • Flakepaw
  • Turtledapple
  • Goldenfawn
  • Violetfrost
  • Daykit(dream)
  • Violetsong
  • Loonsong
  • Blossomrose
  • Lightningpaw
  • Cheetahflame
  • Silentsong
  • Nightpaw(flower)
  • Mountainstorm
  • Blossompaw(burn)
  • Bluebellsponge
  • Raindropkit
  • Silentpaw
  • Shadeleap
  • Frostpaw(moon)
  • Lynxpaw
an orange kitten sitting, staring off into space


And last, but not least, from me this month, I’d like to welcome the new members to the Blog!! Some wonderful, and kind newcomers have found their way here, and I am so excited about it! I’ve loved seeing all of you, and I can’t wait to get to know you more!!

  • Autunmleaf
  • Icepaw(flake)
  • Hazelpaw(glow)
  • Springshine
  • Weatherpaw
  • Pearlflower
  • Springshine
  • Coffeepaw(snow)
  • Sandkit
  • Owlcall
  • Frost
  • Astermoon
  • Jellieheart
  • Icepool
  • Jasminedream
  • Oceanglow
  • Flameblaze
  • Maplepaw
  • Bunnyfreckle
  • Constellationbee
  • Bellapaw(heart)
  • Ariespaw
  • Skypaw
  • Fluffypaw
a white cat with bright blue eyes that match the flowers around it



Greetings, weary traveller.
Atop a vast snowy landscape, you will find three clans of cats. Three groups of noble warriors who strive to survive in the most frozen and unforgiving of lands. After a terrible storm destroyed the original clans, three littermates rose from the ashes and formed new clans…

But the challenge was too great. They couldn’t survive, let alone build up new clans in the frozen land. So, their mother made a sacrifice, and the nearly faded ancestors of the original clans put all their strength together.

Each of the littermates were given legendary powers to lead their clans to survival.

Falconstar, leader of FalconClan, was given the gift of flight. Massive feathered wings, sprung from his back, which could propel him great distances.

Cometstar, leader of CometClan, received extreme speed, agility, and jumping abilities, while her littermate, Aquastar, leader of AquaClan, received glowing patches of fur, thick skin, and the ability to control water.

They passed these traits down to their ancestors, and the clans thrived… Until something went wrong.

The cats started fighting each other. Each battle grew more and more brutal. The clans forgot their origins, and cats grew hungry for conquest. The clans were dying.

The three legendary leaders, now long deceased, convened for the last time, and decided on one last desperate attempt to save the clans. They knew the risk they were taking, how deadly the choice they were about to make was.

This is the story of that final attempt.

Link: OR

a cover of the fanfiction “Warriors – Gaining Height,” that shows a picture of a scarred grey cat with blue wings, and the name “Dusklight” at the bottom.


This is my photogenic cat, Tiger. She loves to loaf or curl up on pillows and blankets. She is very special to me and I just want everyone to have a chance to see her. 🙂

a tabby cat with large green eyes


Hey blogclan! As some of you may know I am writing a sci-fi book called Roaring Crown! I’d be great of I could get readers and feedback so here is the book which is also posted whenever a chapter is finished on the fanfic page!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing so far!


drawing of a reddish orange cat with the title “Scarletscorch”


drawing of a black cat with one green eye and one blue one



Trivia: While Dovewing is cat known for having her eye color switch, in Fading Echoes, Ivypool’s eyes change from dark blue to green on the same page!


warriors meme made by orangelemonart


Congratulations to the winners of Round 23 of the NTA!!

Winterbug by Riverspirit!
Snowfawn by Scarletkit!
Presentstep by Icemist!
Treebright by Sealspots!
Lightflurry by Rosepaw/flame!
Wishkeeper by Moonshade!

Congratulations to the winners of Round 24 of the NTA!!

Morningdaze by Softpaw!
Dawnflutter by Lilybreeze!
Nightrose by Mochapaw!
Duskfin by Sandpaw/breeze!
Twilightbriar by Frostbitepaws!
Eveningflower by Silverdusk!

Congratulations to the winners of Round 25 of the NTA!!

Stellarsky by Shadeleap!
Orbitmoon by Flamedove!
Lightfawn by Loonsong!
Cometblaze by Dusklight!
Meteorbloom by Skypaw/mist!
Sunbird by Riverspirit!

Congratulations to the winners of Round 26 of the NTA!!

Lunarbird by Shiningbrook!
Goldsky by Spiritpaw/willow!
Rabbitmoon by Flamedove
Lanternblaze by Sandkit!
Lionfang by Hollykit/stream!
Reddusk by Vanillacloud!

Congratulations to the winners of Round 27 of the NTA!!

Poppymoon by Amberpaw!
Rosefurl by Moonshade!
Lilycrest by Honeyfrost
Daisydove by Coffeepaw/snow!
Tulipfrond by Icepaw/fire!
Lavenderbee by Ospreysplash!

Congratulations to the winners of Round 28 of the NTA!!

Antbristle by Coffeepaw/snow!
Spiderfang by Honeypaw/dawn!
Mantiscrest by Rainpaw/brook!
Locuststorm by Eggpaw!
Beeflower by Skypaw/mist!
Butterflymoon by Silverdusk!

Congratulations to the winners of Round 29 of the NTA!!

Sparkwing by Shiningbrook!
Flamefawn by Riverspirit!
Rocketburst by Flamepaw!
Blazepoppy by Rosedawn!
Sunbee by Moonshade!
Flickersky by Silverdusk!

Congratulations to the winners of Round 30 of the NTA!!

Opalsky by Muffinlight!
Jadepool by Astermoon!
Sapphiredream by Scorchpaw/flame!
Diamondfrost by Icepool!
Amberfox by Magnoliapaw/glow!
Pearlfawn by Coffeepaw/snow!

Congratulations to the overall winners of the NTA!!


Congratulations to the winners of Round 5 of the Rotation!!

Vixenheart by Skypaw/mist
Downykit/light by Flamecloud
Duskbreeze/star by Northfeather
Honeysnow by Hollymist

Congratulations to the winners of Round 6 of the Rotation!!

Jake: Gingerbounce by Frogstorm
Gremlin: Swiftclaw by Woodpaw/heart
Smudge: Softwaddle by Frostpaw/moon
Bumble: Honeyfawn by Flamedove

Congratulations to the winners of Round 7 of the Rotation!!

QW/WQ: Winterquill by Blazey
ER: Elkrace by Meadowpaw/fern
TY: Tangleyarrow by Goldenbrook
UI/IU: Urchinisle by Frostpaw/moon
OP: Oasispalm by Flamedove

Congratulations to the winners of Round 8 of the Rotation!!

There were some wonderful cats created, but here are our winners!
Finchpelt: Russetsplash by Goldenbrook!

Sparrowshard: Thornflame by Loonsong!

Piperfur: Fawnsong by Skypaw/mist!

Congratulations to the winners of Round 9 of the Rotation!!

Cinnamonkit, Sagekit and Parsleykit by Astermoon
Firekit by Amberpaw
Poppykit, Deerkit and Mistkit by Skypaw/mist
Volekit, Wrenkit and Mistkit by Eggpaw
Thrushkit, Poppykit and Pinkest by Goldenbrook
Dunekit by Flamecloud

Congratulations to the winners of Round 10 of the Rotation!!

1. Bright Trees: Briarlight, guessed first by Icepaw/fire (who gets half a point for guessing Brightheart as well) and Echowillow (who gets a full point)
2. Snow flower: Snowfur, guessed first by Goldenbrook!
3. Leaves of the lake: Leafpool, guessed first by Frostpaw/moon!
4. The star of the lion: Monkeystar, which no one guessed
5. A squirrel’s wing: Crowfeather, which no one guessed
6. Gray bars: Greystripe, guessed first by Northfeather!

Congratulations to the winners of Round 11 of the Rotation!!


Tulipstreak by Loonsong

Plumewisp by Frostpaw/moon

Stormdrift by Morningpetal

Bearblossom by Owlpaw/call

Bubblesprout by Hollykit/stream

Congratulations to the winners of Round 12 of the Rotation!!


Tulipstreak by Echowillow
Plumewisp by Frostpaw/moon
Stormdrift by Crystalcloud
Shroomblaze by Wolfbite
Bearblossom by Silverkit
Bubblesprout by Meadowpaw/fern

Congratulations to the winners of Round 13 of the Rotation!!

1. The color changes to purple: Violetshine, guessed by Lilacpaw
2. wind storm: Sandstorm, guessed by Goldenbrook

3. wings: Hawkwing, guessed by Spiritpaw/willow
4. thorn star: Bramblestar, guessed by Silverkit
5. Light sand: Pebbleshine, guessed by Northfeather
6. flower stem: Rootspring, guessed by Eggpaw

a brown tabby cat licking its paw


  • Congrats to Moonshade for winning my Rotation on the Games page! Formerly Spice’s Rotation, get ready for another game of it!!!
  • Shoutout to my incredible new mentor and wonderful friend, Olivenose!! Olive, you’ve been the best mentor EVER since day 1 and I truly love you so much!! In the days, weeks, months, and even years (don’t forget, you’re stuck with me until I get into high school, and I’m only in the 6th grade!!) to come, I look forward to spending time with you and getting to know you better. You truly are the best mentor anyone could ask for and I feel so lucky that I was that apprentice!!
  • Shoutout to the awesome and always supportive, Aquila! We haven’t known each other too long, but you are such a wonderful person and I’ve loved knowing you!


Thanks for sticking with me this far!! I loved seeing all that ya’ll came up with these past two months, and I am so sorry we missed last month! It is great to be back!! From the feature submissions, to the shoutouts, to the comments, I am so grateful for your participation and seeing your creativity and kindness brightens up my day so much! Keep sending in your creations and features and just being a part of this community – BlogClan wouldn’t be this amazing without all of you. Thank you for all you do – see you again next month 😉

a tabby cat with its paw propped under its chin

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