[Honeyfern and Berrynose nuzzling on a turquoise background]

analyzing ships: PoppyxBerry vs. HoneyxBerry by Ripplepaw

Ripplepaw takes a look at Berrynose’s mates.

[image description: an orange-brown tabby nuzzles a light yellow cat sitting down. "Honeyfern" is written beside the orange-brown tabby cat and "Berrynose" is written beside the light yellow cat]
Art by Nightxwing
[image description: Honeyfern and Berrynose nuzzling on a turquoise background]

Hello, everybody! It’s Ripple here with my FIRST ARTICLE! 😄 today I will show you why Honeyfern is a MUCH better mate for Berrynose than Poppyfrost. Don´t get me wrong, I love Poppyfrost and I have nothing against her, but she was not the right choice for Berrynose. First things first, lets start with their relationship. Poppyfrost always had a crush on Berrynose, but she hid her feelings because Berrynose was more interested in her sister, Honeyfern. After Honeyfern was killed by the snake, Poppyfrost became Berrynose´s mate, but Poppyfrost never really believed that Berrynose loved her because she feared he would always love Honeyfern more. This shows us that Poppyfrost doesn’t trust Berrynose, her own mate. If you haven´t got trust in a relationship, what do you have? Poppyfrost even tried to contact Honeyfern at the Moonpool to see if Honeyfern knew who Berrynose loved more. Eventually, Poppyfrost settled down and stopped worrying about Berrynose´s feelings, but even so, Berrynose still avoided Poppyfrost because he was afraid of losing her as he lost Honeyfern. Honeyfern even confirmed this for us at the Moonpool. So, they already have a toxic relationship. Not to mention their kits. Poppyfrost and Berrynose had two kits, Molewhisker and Cherryfall, and we NEVER saw Berrynose being an affectionate father to them. Did he ever bring his kits a mouse or go to the nursery just to visit them? Not really. Whereas when Berrynose was with Honeyfern, he was actually excited to have kits and to be a father. We can conclude that Berrynose loved Honeyfern more and he wanted have kits with her, not with Poppyfrost. Also, does anyone else think its weird that the love of his life died and he just moved on extremely fast to be mates with her sister?! My theory is that Berrynose was grieving Honeyfern so much that he kinda went a little crazy and he thought Poppyfrost would be just like Honeyfern because she is Honeyfern´s sister, therefore making her the perfect mate for him, and Poppyfrost just went with it because she had been blindly in love with him since the start of his and Honeyfern´s relationship. All the evidence points to HoneyxBerry being a much better ship, and I hope you all enjoyed my article! Ripple out!

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  • What I think: Honeyfern should have let the kit die.

    Then this HoneyxBerry VS PoppyxBerry would have never happend

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