[Tigerstar sitting with his front left paw raised slightly]

My Top 10 Least Favourite Characters by Silverdusk

Silverdusk lists their least favourite characters from the series.

[image description: Tigerstar sitting with his front left paw raised slightly]
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[image description: Tigerstar sitting with his front left paw raised slightly]

Hi! It’s Silverdusk here! I made an article a while ago about my favourite characters, so I decided to make an article about my LEAST favourites! Now, let’s begin!

10) Bramblestar

UGH. When will he just die?! Sorry, that sounds a bit rude. But Bramblestar has led for so, so, SO many moons. He just annoys me so much. He completely trashed Squirrelflight’s opinions. All the articles and videos surrounding him just really makes me see him in a negative light. I mean, he’s not THAT bad. But sometimes I just want to claw his ears off.

9) Rainflower

Rainflower is a horrible mother. She only cared about her kits because of how they looked. She neglected and bullied Crookedkit. She’s just terrible.

8) Onestar

I like OneWHISKER. But Onestar is an annoying furball who is short-sighted and mean to everyone. He threw his friendship with Firestar out the window. He was willing to let ShadowClan die for his own selfish reasons.

7) Clear Sky

Clear Sky is so selfish. He killed so many cats for his own stupid borders. He kicked out his own brother and was willing to stand by while Fox tried to kill Gray Wing. He murdered Rainswept Flower and didn’t do anything when Storm left. He neglected Thunder and was just awful. He started to get better toward the end of DOTC. But all of his character development was just tossed away during Moth Flight’s Vision. He became the same arrogant, horrible cat he has used to be. Ugh.

6) Hollyleaf

She annoys me SO much. I wrote a whole article about her. She has always been obsessed over every tiny, excruciating detail of the warrior code. Then, she goes and murderers Ashfur. And then she reveals everything at a Gathering and flees, leaving her brothers to deal with what she has done. She also threatens to kill Leafpool and she scratches Jayfeather. Yes, she was out of her mind with grief BUT GOOD GOD SOMEBODY DEAL WITH THIS ANNOYING FURBALL NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU HOLLYLEAF!!!! THINK ABOUT YOUR BROTHERS AND BRAMBLECLAW AND THE REST OF YOUR CLAN HOW DO YOU THINK THEY’LL FEEL YOU SELFISH BRAT XGHIFHKILSDEWFJNL

Sorry about that-

5) Millie

She just annoys me. She’s a really bad mother and just a brat. I hate how over protective she is of Briarlight, constantly smothering her. And then she just neglects her other kits. She doesn’t even care about Blossomfall!

4) Brokenstar

Brokenstar drove WindClan out and killed 2 kits in cold blood. Not to mention how he murdered his own father and then pinned the blame of the dead kits on his mother.

3) Thistleclaw

I hate this cat for two reasons. Firstly, Spottedleaf’s Heart. He manipulated an apprentice. He was a lot older than her and she was still training, but he still flirted with Spottedpaw and even tried to expose her to the Dark Forest. The second reason is how ruthless and cruel he is. He is arrogant and influenced the way that Tigerstar is.

2) Pinestar

Ok, I just hate this cat. Pinestar anbandoned his Clan to be a kittypet, which I guess is ok if that’s really what he wants to do. But he could have just given up his position to Sunfall and retired to the elders’ den instead. Also, he became mates with Leopardfoot when he was older than her GRANDPARENTS. Not to mention how he must have had a crush on her when she was an apprentice. In Pinestar’s Choice, Jake even remarks on how close Pinestar has grown to LeopardPAW. To put that into perspective, that’s like a 40 year old man liking a teenager. Yet, you never really see Pinestar and Leopardfoot interact and Pinestar was going to leave Leopardfoot without even saying goodbye. He’s a terrible mate, a horrible leader and an even worst dad. I just hate him. Who knows, if Pinestar had just stuck around, Tigerstar might have turned out better!

1) *Drumroll please*

He’s a murderer. He has killed countless cats just for his own selfish ambition. He has ruined the lives of many cats. He tried to destroy ThunderClan and he shattered Bluestar’s sanity. He’s also a really, really bad mate. And a bad father. He’s just bad overall.

And that’s my least favourite characters!!! It’ll probably change soon, but anyways.


~ Silverdusk

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  • I agree with all of these except Hollyleaf and Pinestar. I really like Pinestar; his personality is one that I can agree with, and I don’t have a problem with him leaving the clan at his last life to become a kitty pet, because Sunstar was a great leader in his place. Yes, he shouldn’t have left, and that doesn’t make it right, but I can relate a bit.
    I don’t know why, but I’ve always liked Hollyleaf. I was so shocked and angry when she didn’t get a power, though that did make the story more interesting. Up until she started doing senile things like murdering a cat and leaving the clans, I really supported her. (I didn’t support when she tried to kill Leafpool, just to be clear—there’s no excuse for that and I, myself, was very disappointed in Hollyleaf’s actions.) I’m not necessarily trying to defend her, but like Pinestar, I’ve always liked her personality, and though I can’t really see myself doing all those things, I would’ve probably been angry but much more collected than that, I think that maybe Hollyleaf gets a tiny bit more hate than she deserves? I mean, compared to Ashfur and other villainous cats. Not that she doesn’t deserve most of that hate, she definitely did bad things, and being “angry because she was halfclan” definitely doesn’t change that, but for her good days, she might deserve a bit of recognition for that? For at least being a good, useful warrior till her departure. But not much. Just a little. Just a little gratitude.
    Sorry for the long paragraphs. You can totally skip or disagree with it, it’s just my personal opinion, but from all the Hollyleaf hate articles I’ve seen, I assume a lot of people don’t share that opinion. So, if you don’t, I respect your opinion, and if you do, cool! Have a nice day/night. (Great article btw, to the point and concise.)

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