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StarClan’s Judgement Towards Squirrelflight and Leafpool Is Unfair by Hollykit

Hollykit shares their opinion on Leafpool and Squirrelflight’s trial.

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[image description: a grey cat with lighter and darker markings in profile view]

Hello! Hollykit with another article. You’ve seen the title, and though it may seem obvious, this goes deeper than you might think.

So, Leafpool and Squirrelflight are crushed by a rock and are sent to StarClan for judgement to see if they can go in or not. Now, dedicated readers know that this is going to take a while, as Squirrelflight and Leafpool have done some un-StarClan worthy things.

StarClan go straight to accusing Leafpool of having kits when she’s not supposed to, and Squirrelflight of lying to her Clan about the code-breaking kits. Uh, Yellowfang? You told Squirrelflight to have those kits because she was “infertile.” Also, when Jayfeather asks what Ashfur’s in StarClan, Yellowfang says “He did what he did out of love.” So did Leafpool. Leafpool was mates with Crowfeather out of love. Leafpool had kits out of love. Squirrelflight offering to harbor Leafpool’s kits was so sweet of her, and StarClan had to judge her because of that? Anyway, Leafpool and Squirrelflight were (and are, actually) very loyal to their Clan before and afterwards. So I suppose loyalty and respect to your Clan does not account for code-breaking things you did, even if you didn’t enjoy doing them? Your entrance is judged?

Next up, Ashfur! (This is kinda linked to the Leafpool and Squirelflight one.) Anyway, after he’s killed by Hollyleaf, he goes to (after attempted murder on Firestar and Squirrelflight along with Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and Jayfeather)… StarClan! Yup. After conspiring with Hawkfrost to attempt to kill Firestar because he wanted to let Squirrelflight know how much pain he was in after she rejected him (please) and attempting to kill Squirrelflight’s kits because he, again, wanted her to know how much pain he was in after she left him for Brambleclaw, goes to StarClan. We all shook our heads when we read the scene of Jayfeather seeing Ashfur in StarClan. He broke up with Squirrelflight moons ago! Ashfur and Leafpool did things for the same reason. Why should Ashfur go to StarClan while Leafpool’s judged?

Well, my article might be cut off by now. Hollykit out!

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