[image description: a grey cat with darker spots and blue eyes]

Was Goosefeather really delusional? Or evil? by Riverspirit

Riverspirit wonders what really happened to Goosefeather.

[image description: a grey cat with darker spots and blue eyes]
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[image description: a grey cat with darker spots and blue eyes]

Hey everyone! So this is a Warrior theory t hat I’ve had in my head for a while now, so I’ve come to express it.


Goosefeather- A speckled gray tom medicine cat with pale blue eyes.

So let’s jump to the point. We know that Goosefeather was born with a special power to see StarClan cats daily and to always see the unchangable future. Was he aware of this as a kit? No. In fact, this tom’s kit-hood was debatably better than the rest of his life.

When do his problems start? Well, they start when he is made an apprentice and given his medicine cat name before his sister or her friends. This caused tension between all of them. Not only that, but when Goosefeather learned of his so called ‘gift’ we learn that he is very unhappy.
Later on in his life, he tells Pinestar that ThunderClan must destroy WindClan’s medicine stock, resulting in his sister Moonflower’s death. This causes an extreme hate towards Goosefeather from the entire clan.
THEN we learn that Goosefeather isn’t taking care of himself from Crookedstar’s Promise when we hear from Stormkit’s perspective, in which the kit believes he’s a cranky elder who hasn’t washed his pelt in what looks like moons. He’s still able and
totally capable of cleaning his pelt, yet he doesn’t.
While it is a solid theory and is probably true that the medicine cat isn’t right in the head due to the amount of constant hate from his own clanmates, I also believe that Goosefeather had some evil desires inside as well, though he never acted out on them, resulting in his current rank in StarClan.
Why do I think this? Well, I did a bit of comparing to Ashfur. Ashfur had Squirrelflight turn on him, resulting in his utter irrational ways. Now think of having your entire clan turn on you. And also having no reason from StarClan for being cursed. This is what Goosefeather dealt with.

In the end, Goosefeather settled in with helping his clanmates as opposed to hurting them, but what do you think, did Gossefeather have evil desires derived from his troubles?
Let me know what you think below!

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