[Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]

My opinion on the warrior code part 2 by Ivywish

Ivywish shares their opinion on the warrior code.

[image description: Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[image description: Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]

Hey! It’s Wish, today I will be looking at the last part of the Warrior Code and give you my opinion on some of the codes.
1. After the death, retirement, promotion (to leader status), or exile of the deputy, the new deputy must be chosen before moonhigh.
I think that this is a good code but the Clan leader will be grieving for the loss of his or her deputy and they will need to do the vial so I think that the clan leader should appoint the new deputy after the vial is over.
2. If a Clan member believes that their leader is no longer leading with honor and integrity, they can challenge them. Three-quarters of the Clan members, including their medicine cats, must agree. Their objections will then be presented to the leaders of the other Clans. If the other leaders agree, all medicine cats will request that StarClan remove the leader’s remaining lives and give them to the deputy. These objections cannot be raised by the deputy
This code is good but, if someone thought they needed to change the leader soon then I think this code might not be the best option.
3. A warrior or medicine cat may switch their allegiance from one Clan to another but must meet a set of conditions. The cat wishing to change Clans must perform a task of their intended Clan’s choosing. If they succeed, it will be deemed StarClan’s will that they change Clans, and their request will be granted.
This code is a very good addition to the warrior code. I think Twigpaw could have used this code instead of just switching clans.
4. Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.
This code is pretty straight forward, so I think that nothing about this code should change.
5. Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.
This code is still very straight forward so nothing needs to change.
6. A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice.
7. This part of the code was added because if a deputy doesn’t have the experience of being a mentor then they won’t be able to lead the clan properly.
8. A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet
There is nothing to say about this code. It is part of the warrior code for a reason and it will stay part of the warrior code.
9. Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats but a warrior must always remember that all cats follow the warrior code.
This code is helpful because it makes sure that all cats always have an escort to another clan’s camp.
And that was my opinion on the last part of the warrior code! Wish is out ‘teleports to Africa’.

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