[image description: collage of the reprinted covers of The New Prophecy]

My Questions About The New Prophecy by Shadedheart138

Shadedheart138 shares the questions they have about The New Prophecy.

[image description: collage of the reprinted covers of The New Prophecy]
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[image description: collage of the reprinted covers of The New Prophecy]

Hello! Shady is back! AGAIN!
I submitted this article maybe two months after I submitted the first one if this one’s kind. The Blixemi Article was just a little bit of a rant on how much I loved Blixemi’s music and such… might’ve sounded a bit weird on that one.
This is going to come out a LONG time after my first one- but it won’t make much of a difference if you didn’t read the first one!
Anyway, I reread the entire arc of The New Prophecy recently, and a lot of questions I didn’t know I had came up.
I’m here today to hit you with those questions, in hopes you or someone else might be able to answer them. (I’m STILL not sure if this should be an ask the author kind of thing so I’m just gonna roll with it-)
Okay, how this is going to be laid out-I’m going to list what book I’m talking about, I’m going to have an excerpt below, and then BELOW said excerpt, a question.

Book: Moonrise
Question: We get to see Stormfur’s POV in this book- and people always forget that he was the first cat to have feelings for Squirrelflight. (at the time, paw) Not a question, but a fun thing to add.

Book: Dawn
Excerpt: “”Lie down, Tumblekit.” she scolded.”
Question: Whatever happened to Tumblekit? I know he was a Shadowclan kit, but he disappeared. Where did he go?

Book: Dawn
Question: Smokepaw, Smokepaw. You died, but came back like the legendary Heavystep and Boulder…

Book: Dawn
Excerpt: N/A
Question: Tumblekit wasn’t the only kit who disappeared. Marshkit and Applekit did too! What happened to them as well?

Book: Dawn
Excerpt: “Her voice carried the strange accent Squirrelpaw had forgotten; it was good to hear it again.”

Book: Starlight
Excerpt: “Her best friend then had been Shrewpaw, who had died on their journey to the lake;…”
Question: He died before the journey, didn’t he? Might’ve been a mistake though…

Book: Sunset
Excerpt: N/A
Question: Sootfur died, just like his mother, Willowpelt- and broke BOTH OF HIS HIND LEGS (Man, what an awful way to go)- and I only just heard that Willow had kits with Patchpelt (Greystripe being one of them) and THEY WERE SIBLINGS HOLD ON-

Book: Relative to any book
Excerpt: N/A
Question: Where do they bury the bodies of their dead clanmates? Do they have a specific patch of territory set aside for a burial ground or something? What do they do once the graveyard is full?

Book: Sunset
Excerpt: N/A
Question/Comment: I cried during Greystripe’s fake vigil.

Anyway, those are my questions (and several comments) about The New Prophecy- there weren’t as many as last time! I’ll get back when I’ve reread The Power Of Three!
Have a wonderful day Blogclanners, and may Starclan light your paths!

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    • I always saw Dawn as the dawn of a new era, ’cause that’s when they made their journey to the lake territories…just a theory…but yeah, it doesn’t fit.

      • I imagine it like this: | Midnight – the badger Midnight | Moonrise – I think someone said the word moonrise at some point | Dawn – sort of starting over with new territory (or as Sunfang said: DAWN OF A NEW ERAAA) | Starlight – no idea | Twilight – Crowfeather and Leafpool met at twilight | Sunset – I imagine it as some sort of closing to the series

  • Thank you so much for answering! : D
    I’m going to have fun doing the next one, once I finish the arc for like, the sixth time again- XD

  • Great article! also: #1. Tumblekit was a RiverClan kit who died #2. Marshkit died and Applekit lived, becoming Applefur