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Why the new Tigerstar is a horrible leader by Goldenbrook

Goldenbrook shares their opinion on the modern Tigerstar.

[image description: brown tabby cat with yellow eyes in profile view]
Artwork by Lithestep
[image description: brown tabby cat with yellow eyes in profile view]

Spoilers ahead for Omen of the Stars and beyond!
I personally don’t like the new Tigerstar, and thing that he’s just a terrible leader. Exhibit A: he left the Clan. I know that he did it for his love of Dovewing, but all that means is that he clearly cares more about his mate than his Clan. Which, let’s be honest, isn’t
a great quality for a Clan leader. When he came back, he was welcomed back with open arms. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Exhibit B: he’s just kind of bad at making reasonable decisions. (Quick note: I haven’t read A Vision of Shadows or A Broken Code in a while, so I’m mostly going off of A Starless Clan.) When Lightleap is injured, Sunbeam at first keeps it a secret for her, but then tells Tigerstar how it happened. And instead of punishing his daughter for trying to keep it a secret, he punishes… Sunbeam? He says that she should have told the truth, but she clearly did, because he knows about it, and it certainly wasn’t Lightleap who told him.
Exhibit C: he doesn’t get all sides of the story. In the newest book Sky, Fringewhisker is seen giving prey to SkyClan. It is revealed that Berryheart told her to, and Fringewhisker tries to tell Tigerstar that, but he cuts her off and doesn’t listen. Does that seem like something a good leader would do?
Exhibit D: he really just can’t take advice. When it’s revealed that RiverClan has no leader, he offers to lead them. Which, first of all, is just a pretty bad idea to start with. Later, he comes to RiverClan to take it over, and when they refuse they… fight? He claims he “jut wants to help” but fighting them and causing injuries is the opposite of being helpful, my dude.
These are the main reasons why Tigerstar is a bad leader, but there are probably more reasons I haven’t listed because I’m too lazy to go back and read A Vision of Shadows and A Broken Code.
Thank you for your time.

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