Giving The Owl House Characters Warrior Names by Lilypaw

Lilypaw gives The Owl House characters warrior names.

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Hi! It’s Lilypaw here with another name article! The Owl House is my favorite show right now and I can’t wait for season 3 to come out! But I don’t want it to end! 🙁 Hunter is my favorite character and this contains spoilers for Part 1 of the Season 3 finale and basically every episode. These are characters from Season 1. I will definitely do a part 2. Enjoy!

Eda: Her prefix will obviously be Owl because she is the Owl lady. Maybe Owlfeather because she has feathers sometimes. Owlpelt, Owlfang, Owlswoop, or Owlscreech (my friend came up with that) because she turns into the Owl Beast. Or Owlheart because she is a funny and witty character.

Luz: Luz the human! She is kind, brave, and caring. I am neutral about her but I kind of don’t like her because her mistake of trusting Phillip led to the TRAGEDY OF FLAPJACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries silently in a corner* but overall, she is a good character. Since she is optimistic and curious and a little weird (I am a fellow weirdo) maybe her name would be Sunheart, Sunflower, or Sunleap.

King: I can’t really think of anything for his prefix and Bone is the only thing that comes to mind. I don’t want that because he is SO CUTE! But I can’t think of anything so maybe his name would be… Boneclaw? Wait! Darksong! Because he is dark gray and has sonic shout powers!

Hooty: The actual Owl House! He is funny and everyone thinks he is annoying but I LOVE his voice. He also is desperate for attention. I am going to use Owl again because I could use Worm but I don’t like that. I am going to steal one of Eda’s names and use Owlscreech or Owlswoop because of his annoying voice and the way he pops up anywhere and everywhere.

Willow: I could just use Willow but I think Thorn would be better because even though she is kind and caring she is also strong and sure of herself. Her name would be Thornfeather or Thornflower or Thornbreeze because she is kind and nice. I also quite like the name Thornwhisker.

Gus: I think the prefix would be Shadow because Gus is an illusionist and shadows can be anywhere. Maybe Shadowleap because he is enthusiastic and an illusionist and illusionists have a dramatic flair. Or maybe Shadowheart because he is a little insecure.

Amity: Our school bully (sorry Amity fans) who maybe turns out to like Luz *wink wink* Maybe Lavender or Lilac for her hair and her abomination magic. Maybe Lavenderheart or Lilacheart for her progress as a character.

Lilith: Cool aunt Lillith. I am going to use Lily because of her name and her skin is kind of white. So maybe Lilypelt (ha ha) or Lilyfur. Maybe Lilystripe or Lilystreak because of the white (gray maybe?) streak in her hair.

That is all for now in OwlClan. I wish I could do more but this might be too long and I am fortunate enough to not have any of my articles cut off so far. I want to murder Belos and make him feel the pain that he made me and Hunter feel. That’s all! Watch out for part 2!
BBBBBByyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee! (Yes. I stole that from Hunter!) 🙂

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