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Loving and Defending Silverstream by Silverdusk

Silverdusk defends Silverstream.

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Hi! My name is Silverdusk and today I’m going to be explaining why I love Silverstream! I already submitted this article before, but it got cut off, so here I am!
Remember this is just my opinion and I definitely understand if you disagree.
Okay, so first I’m going to be listing a few reasons why people might hate Silverstream.
1. She’s a Mary Sue
2. They hate GrayXSilver
3. She’s spoilt
4. She’s selfish
I don’t think any of these are really true and here’s why!

Firstly, Silverstream is not a Mary-Sue! For those who don’t know, a Mary Sue (or Gary Stu for a male character) is an all perfect character. Like, with no flaws whatsoever.
Silverstream is not like this.
Firstly, Silverstream wouldn’t have broken the code to be with Graystripe if she was a Mary-Sue. Instead, Graystripe probably would’ve been in love with her, while Silverstream refused to be with him.
A Mary Sue never would’ve considered leaving her Clan. Also, Silverstream can quite easily be seen as selfish. Even me, a massive Silverstream lover, can understand how people could think she was selfish. So she can’t be a Mary Sue and be selfish and spoilt at the same time, right?
That’s why Silverstream is NOT a Mary-Sue.
She is definitely a quite flawed character, but that’s ok. I still love her:)

Next, many people dislike GrayXSilver. It could be because they think it is rushed or just because they love GrayXMillie more.
Personally, I love GrayXSilver (it’s one of my favourite ships!)
But I don’t hate GrayXMillie or Millie.
Anyway, it’s completely understandable if you hate GrayXSilver. But just because you hate this ship, doesn’t mean you have to hate the cats involved.
But this is a Silverstream defence article, not a GrayXSilver defence article, so I’ll leave this for now.
(Please don’t turn this into a GrayXMillie Vs GrayXSilver or a Silverstream. Vs. Millie argument. Feel free to say who you like more though, but just remember this article is not about who Graystripe loved more!)

Some people also think Silverstream is spoilt. And yeah, she kind of is.
But that’s not her fault! Crookedstar had every right to spoil his only surviving daughter. But because of this, he influenced the idea that Silverstream can do whatever she wants because she’s a Clan leader’s kit. (But I still think Crookedstar is a great dad!)
Silverstream learned this behaviour from how Crookedstar treated her.
So yes, maybe she is a little spoilt, but that’s not really her fault. She had no control over that.

Silverstream may be viewed as arrogant. Arrogant means to have an exaggerated sense of self importance or confidence in one’s own abilities. I don’t know if I would call Silverstream arrogant, but she may have a bigger sense of importance because she’s Crookedstar’s daughter. I don’t think Silverstream is arrogant. But I know some arrogant characters. One is Oakheart. But if you have read Crookedstar’s Promise, you see he’s a warm, kind-hearted cat. Crookedstar was so close to Oakheart, so you can see a better glimpse of his personality than you originally get from Bluestar’s Prophecy before they get closer.
What I’m trying to say is, if you got a super edition from Silverstream’s point of view or maybe someone really close to her, you would see things from her eyes or see how she treats others better, which would help judge her better. That’s why I wish that Silverstream had a super edition or at least a novella.
But Silverstream doesn’t seem too arrogant to me anyways, even if she is a little spoilt or confident.

Lastly, people think she’s selfish.
Now, this is the one I can understand the most. I don’t fully agree, but I definitely get it.
During Leopardstar’s Honor, Silverstream refused to admit the fault in her relationship with Graystripe. This was likely just Silverstream’s head clouding with her emotions. She loved Graystripe and she wanted to be with him. Dovewing left her Clan to be with Tigerheart; Silverstream could’ve done the same. Also, Silverstream possibly didn’t understand how her kits could cause a war between RiverClan and ThunderClan. Silverstream is young-she could’ve just struggled to understand how something between her and Graystripe could cause trouble. Also, who wants to admit their kids could cause conflict?
Silverstream was upset and again, we don’t know if she was feeling guilty but just didn’t want to admit it because she loved Graystripe as we haven’t seen it from her point of view.
So, in conclusion, I think that Silverstream isn’t as bad as people think! This is my first ever defence article, sorry if it’s bad!
I hope you have a great day and thanks for reading my article 🙂

~ Silverdusk

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