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Brackenfur had a better potential, but not as deputy by Icestorm

Art by Wolfjesyo

Icestorm speculates on another fate for Brackenfur

To be honest, I loved Brackenfur since he was an apprentice. He just got on with his apprentice work even though Greystripe didn’t mentor him properly, remembered his sister when he had kits and named one Cinderkit, and being loyal to his Clan generally.

Many think he should’ve became deputy.

I think the opposite.

I think he should’ve had a darker future.

Let’s take a look at Brackenfur’s life. He was captured as a kit, he had bad mentor training, loss of his sister because some cat didn’t stop her breaking her leg.

Now let’s look at the villains backgrounds.

Tigerstar- Bad mentoring (Greystripe to Brackenpaw), absent parenting.
Mapleshade- Vengeance for the ones she loved (Cinderpaw breaking her leg).
Brokenstar- Bullying, absent parening.
Sleekwhisker- Blamed someone for her losses (Cinderpaw breaking her leg).
One Eye- Bad kithood (apparently (Brackenkit was captured))
Darktail- Absent parenting, bad kithood (Brackenkit was captured)

He had ALL the traits for a cat to be evil, just never was. It would’ve made much more sense for Brackenfur to help kill Firestar instead of Ashfur getting shoved in to show he’s got some evil in him. At least Brackenfur has a reason for getting Firestar killed – he didn’t stop Cinderpelt running onto the thunderpath, whereas Ashfur is mad about his daughter loving someone else.

Or, if he’s not evil, make him a target to be a dark forest cat. Ivypool was targeted because of jealousy, Crookedstar because of his injury, Blossomfall because of jealousy and Hollowflight because of bullying.

Brackenfur had all the potential to become evil.

Yet he didn’t.

Thank you for reading and have a good day!

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