[a sitting flame-coloured cat with green eyes]

Why I think Firestar walked in the pawsteps of Tigerclaw (star) by Icepaw

[image description: a sitting flame-coloured cat with green eyes]
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[image description: a sitting flame-coloured cat with green eyes]
Icepaw compares Firestar with Tigerstar

If you read the title, some of you may be confused. How could the almighty Firestar be evil like Tigerclaw?!? Well, there is a lot of proof. Feel free to fight me in the comments below, and lets get started.

First off, we are going to look into book The Darkest Hour. If you remember, Tigerstar attempted to unite the clans under his rule, with medium to high consent, and he even gave them a choice. He joined ShadowClan and RiverClan to make TigerClan. Of course, ThunderClan and WindClan make LionClan, and they are about to battle.

Keep in mind, Tigerstar had done bad things and had been exiled, and also usurped the throne in ShadowClan. However, I see how his vision could have worked. Of course, before this can happen, Scourge kills Tigerstar, ripping all nine lives out of him, and sending him to the dark forest.

Now, we’ll look at Firestar. When uniting all the Clans to defeat BloodClan, he used little to no choice or consent, and if you look closely, treat former TigerClan cats like second class citizens. Instead of calling the temporarily united clan WarriorClan (lol), or BraveClan, or maybe WaterClan to contradict Blood. (Blood vs Water, thanks Survivor)

Nope. He still calls it LionClan. Which is an awesome name, but it is the same name that they used when battling TigerClan, and those cats are now in HIS CLAN… this also links to the TigerClan second class theory seen above. Oh, and he barely gives Tallstar any choices to make, slowly revealing to me that Firestar isn’t as perfect as he seems.

As you know, when Bluestar was sick from Greencough in Forest of Secrets, Tigerclaw took over many of her duties, and the clan fared, not too bad, actually. And Tigerstar did rebuild ShadowClan, making it strong and proud again. In Dawn, on the Great Journey to the lake territories, Firestar seems to take the lead. Never giving any other leader a time to shine or share their thoughts. This shows us that if you aren’t with TIgerstar, he will despise you or hurt you. Basically, if you aren’t with Firestar, though, you are an enemy of Firestar. And even if you are his friend, he won’t be a good friend.

Firestar isn’t what he seems…

So, that’s my article! Feel free to fight me in the comments below! And that’s just a theory. A Warrior Cats theory! Thanks for reading.

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  • i think firestar is one of the best carecters in the book if you diagree that is your opinion not mine.he has a mate and alot of supporters. he forgave leafpool and her sister and he never tried to start a fight. that is a fact and there is a reason why they call me doeshade you understand i am shadey(that includes lionblaze!)

  • Ummm…. Sorry, but i disagree with the first and second points. He did not even talk to any Tigerclan cats but Tawnypelt . And as for the second point he called it Lionclan because Bluestar said that Lion would fight Tiger in his nine lives ceremony

  • I agree! Plus, during his nine lives ceremony, SpottedLeaf told him to love sandstorm. And then he pined her and ended up loving SpottedLeaf far more than he did sandstorm. And, he didn’t do anything when Bramble and squilf where in a toxic relationship. On top of all that, he stopped trying to get bluestar to make swiftpaw a warrior and didn’t try that hard to fight bluestar when she named bright paw lost face, he gave brambleclaw, a mostly good guy, the same suffix as his awful father. He’s done so many bad things.

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