a drawing of a fluffy yellow tabby cat in front of a grey background

Why I Stopped Liking Lionblaze by Silverdusk

a drawing of a fluffy yellow tabby cat in front of a grey background
Art by warriorcatskocurzyca (tumblr)

Silverdusk vents about Lionblaze

Hi! In today’s article, I’m going to explain why I stopped liking Lionblaze! He used to be a character I very liked, but as time drew on, I began to dislike him more and more. My opinions on him changed significantly, especially after the many articles I read about him. Let’s go!

Firstly, he’s a bit… Agressive. By agressive I mean he never thinks about what he says and is ruled by his emotions. He started out as a likeable cat, a rather cute apprentice who was grappling with the weight of his training and trying to maintain his friendship with Heathertail.

He ended up attacking Heatherpaw. This happened during a battle, so it makes sense. But Lionblaze tried to attack her because of his own personal issues. He was angry because he thought that Heathertail had revealed the location of the tunnels, giving WindClan a way to directly attack ThunderClan. However, it could have been the kits. They ALSO knew the tunnel location and of course they would be more likely to blab about it than Heatherpaw. But Lionblaze just tried to attack her anyway, without any evidence to support his accusation. Then he attacked and greatly wounded Crowfeather. Not to mention his dreams about killing Heathertail. This is where my dislike for Lionblaze began.

He’s also super self centred. He’s always angry for some reason. Like when he was failing to catch prey because he was tired, he kept snapping at Honeypaw, when she was trying to be kind and supportive. He also attacked his own sister, which makes sense because she’s super annoying, but anyway, it’s just more proof that he can’t control his temper. Also, Lionpaw was acting all grumpy when the apprentices were enjoying some honey. He was basically like, “All the honey in the forest will one day be mine!”

Lionblaze sulks about Ashfur, about Firestar, about everything that doesn’t go his way and it’s EXHAUSTING.

Lionblaze was also so angry about his powers. He wanted to be normal so that Cinderheart would like him. Yet he just snaps at Dovewing to pull herself together and handle her powers. Ugh.

Lionblaze also was so mean to Shadowsight in BC. He even suggested killing him. Lionblaze even attacked Ashfur in his ShadowClan prison, even though the leaders had agreed to not kill Ashfur and Lionblaze should have waited for permission. Lionblaze had zero control of his temper and it’s annoying.

Lionblaze would also be a really bad leader because he just can’t back down and he leaps into every tiny argument without hesitation and makes it something a lot bigger. So that’s why I started disliking Lionblaze.
He’s just to agressive and impulsive.

Also, his love life needs some help. Firstly he had Heathertail, who he dreamt of hurting and even now they aren’t friendly to each other anymore. And then we have Cinderheart, which is a lot better and Lionblaze and Cinderheart love each other, buuut.

Here’s just a quick bonus rant: I don’t like LionXCinder. Here’s why.
It’s because it started off cute. Then Cinderheart spent almost an entire year rejecting Lionblaze because she wasn’t “special enough” and didn’t want to distract him from his “destiny.” Then Lionblaze gave some speech and it took Cinderheart half a page to change her mind and be Lionblaze’s mate. It’s almost like the authors forgot that Cinderheart and Lionblaze are supposed to have a romance so in The Last Hope, they had to scramble to resolve the conflict and make Lion and Cinder mates. It’s rushed and a bit ridiculous.
But afterwards their ship was fine I guess.

And Lionblaze is a bit of a boring protagonist. He has a lot of ways to serve the plot, but really, his personality traits are brave, strong and agressive. Not that many.
Let’s look at all of Squirrelflight’s personality traits. Brave, energetic, loyal, loving, fair, determined and logical. So many. Yet with Lionblaze, it’s hard to think of many. He was an okay-ish character in POT and OOTS but otherwise, he’s just annoying. He picks fights so easily. When Thornclaw brought up the valid issue of how only Firestar’s kin has been leader, Lionblaze snapped at him and made the situation worse. This golden tom needs to take a chill pill.

And that’s the end of my article! This is why I dislike Lionblaze now. I hope you liked it! Do you agree? Did I change your mind on Lionblaze at all? Have a great day/night!

~ Silverdusk

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