[image description: Mapleshade grinning in a shadowy forest]

Should Mapleshade be in StarClan? by Northfeather

Northfeather discusses if this “evil” cat should really be in the Place of No Stars.

[image description: Mapleshade grinning in a shadowy forest]
Art by klaracrystalpaws
[Mapleshade grinning in a shadowy forest]

Most controversial one in the Dark Forest. The whole fandom is half and half about StarClan or the Dark Forest. Let’s look at the crimes she committed;
Attempted murder of a pregnant queen (Reedshine)
Half Clan relationship (with Appledusk)
Lying to her whole clan
Killing a defenseless medicine cat (Ravenwing)
Killing a warrior of her own clan (Frecklewish)
*Possibly* the cause for her 3 children’s drawing
Accidental murder of Appledusk

Wow. Alot. Some people will say that her victims deserved to die because of what they did to her, but they really don’t morally. Some people are going to question me about why a Half-Clan relationship is on her crime list. This was before the whole changing clans code act in the latest book. Or you may think, “hey, Graystripe had a mate from another clan! He’s in StarClan!”. You are absolutely right- but he didn’t kill helpless cats in revenge.

Yes, Mapleshade suffered a lot, but she didn’t have to seek revenge on so many cats. Ravenwing was simply trying to follow the warrior code. Frecklewish couldn’t swim to save the kits, nor did she HAVE too. Appledusk chose the wrong mate but changed his mind to be loyal. Reedshine was the mate of Mapleshade’s ex. None of these cats did anything nearly as wrong as Mapleshade did.

Unlike other cats who spent seasons in the Dark Forest, she seems to feel no remorse for her actions, and haunts Appledusk’s offspring’s kins for moons to come. She also targets a young innocent kit, Goosekit (Goosefeather). She later kills Spottedleaf in the great battle, and then joins Ashfur’s army on her own accord (she was not one of the cats like Snowtuft to be forced to bow down to the Dark Warrior).

I know some people will say she was mentally ill, but even a mentally ill person you don’t immediately commit mass-murder. As we see from her perspective she doesn’t seem to be MENTALLY INSANE (but purposely insane is another story) Kate has even stated she wasn’t mentally ill.

In conclusion, Mapleshade deserves the Dark Forest.

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