[Leopardstar looking over her shoulder]

Why Leopardstar Isn’t As Bad As You May Think by Scorchpaw

Scorchpaw defends Leopardstar.

[Leopardstar looking over her shoulder]
Art by climbdraws (tumblr)
[Leopardstar looking over her shoulder]

Hey! My name is Scorchpaw, but you can call me Scorch or Scorchy. I’m back with another article (this is my 4th) and I’m really excited about this one! I really, really like Leopardstar. She isn’t in my top 10, but she is in my top 20. Why? I hear you ask.
Well, in this article, you’re going to see why I think that Leopardstar doesn’t deserve all the hate she gets!

1) Her life

Leopardkit’s mother Brightsky died when Leopardkit was born, along with her siblings. Leopardkit was fostered by another queen, with her foster littermates being Skykit and Blackkit. Skykit was really mean, even giving Leopardkit an extreme fear of water that damaged her ability to train properly. Leopardstar’s overprotective father Mudfur became a medicine cat. Leopardfur was in love with Frogleap, but their relationship didn’t work out. By the way, Leopardstar’s Honour is my favourite super edition. Leopardfur raised Whitekit when her best friend Sunfish died.

2) The mistake

But the main thing that Leopardstar is remembered for is… Her mistake.
Leopardstar joined Riverclan with Shadowclan to create TigerClan.
Leopardstar believed that she and Tigerstar would be joint leaders, but she was wrong.

But Leopardstar shouldn’t be so hated for her mistake. Here’s why.

Leopardstar was fooled by Tigerstar. He is a talented liar who manipulated her and took advantage of her feelings. Even Bluestar and majority of Thunderclan didn’t see the real Tigerstar until it was to late.
Leopardstar also only joined her clan with Tigerstar’s because she believed it was the right choice to help her Clan. You can’t blame her for that!

When Stonefur died, Leopardstar was really sad afterwards. It doesn’t excuse her actions, but everyone makes mistakes. If Leopardstar had spoken out against Tigerstar, then only a pawful of warriors would have supported her, since most are either Shadowclan cats or to scared of Tigerstar to do anything. So Leopardstar would have been killed and Stonefur would have died either way. So by letting Stonefur die, she was actually ensuring her Clan still had a chance of breaking free of Tigerstar.

3. In the end she made things right

In the end, Leopardstar fought for the other Clans and helped to drive out Scourge. without her help, the Clans probably wouldn’t have won. Also, Leopardstar has a loooong list of reasons to hate Thunderclan, yet she still helped out, instead of leaving like she was originally planning to.

4) A Long Apology

Leopardstar has spent the rest of her life trying to prove herself to her Clan and even now some cats still won’t forget or forgive what she has done. But Leopardstar is a very loyal cat who has given everything she has for her Clan. Yes, she is a bit stubborn and arrogant, but she also has a kind heart.

In conclusion, Leopardstar has made mistakes. But every cat does. I find Leopardstar interesting and her mistakes helped to shape the loyal, fierce warrior she is. I love Leopardstar and I hope that this article has convinced you to at least stop hating her a little bit.

And that’s the end of my article! Thanks for reading :3
Share your opinion on Leopardstar in the comments! Bye!

– 🔥 Scorchflame 🔥

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