[Feathertail underwater on a riverbed]

Why You Should Like Feathertail by Silverdusk

Silverdusk argues why Feathertail is an interesting and likeable character.

[Feathertail underwater on a riverbed]
Art by harriertail (tumblr)
[Feathertail underwater on a riverbed]

Hi! I’m Silverdusk and today I’m going to be sharing my opinions on Feathertail and explaining why this cat isn’t a Mary Sue, or boring, like some people think.

Firstly, who is Feathertail?
For those who don’t know or need a quick recap, Feathertail is a RiverClan she-cat. She is half-Clan and her parents are Graystripe from ThunderClan and Silverstream from RiverClan. Feathertail’s brother is named Stormfur. Feathertail had a short life, dying when she sacrificed her life for Crowpaw. Feathertail divides her time between the Tribe Of Endless Hunting and StarClan.
Feathertail is described as a fluffy silver tabby she-cat with sky blue eyes and a plumy tail.

Why Do I Like Feathertail?

Feathertail is one of my favourite characters because she is interesting, smart, loyal, kind, defiant and relatable. Feathertail is interesting because of her complex emotions and relationships, explored in A Shadow In RiverClan. Feathertail is smart because she just seems bright and capable, as well as intelligent. She is loyal because of her faithfulness to RiverClan, Stormfur and ultimately Crowpaw, the cat she gave her life to save. Feathertail is kind because of her gentleness toward Crowpaw and just her understanding positivity. She is defiant because of the way that she got a bit irritated at Leopardstar throughout A Shadow In RiverClan and also argued multiple times with Stormfur, showing that she is no push over and establishes boundaries as well as having a bit of an attitude. And Feathertail is relatable due to the way she felt during A Shadow In RiverClan. It shed light of mental health and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and I just find that cool. These are the reasons why I like Feathertail and why you should to.

Why Feathertail Isn’t A Mary Sue

Feathertail ISN’T a Mary Sue. Firstly, if you’ve read A Shadow In RiverClan, you will see that Feathertail is less than perfect. She snapped at her Clanmates, felt isolated and alone, and had arguments. Feathertail also fell in love with a cat from a different Clan, another sign of her imperfections. Feathertail may be nearly perfect, with her kindness and loving personality, but also her bravery and loyalty, but she has flaws as well. Such as the doubt she had about belonging in RiverClan and done may even view her friendship with Ferncloud as “disloyal.”

Why To Like FeatherXCrow

Feathertail and Crowpaw/feather travelled far together and were able to bond over this long journey. Feathertail saw Crowpaw as more than just a grumpy burden like the others. Their relationship was so cute. Crowpaw even asked to be named Crowfeather to honour her.
And no, there isn’t an age difference. Crowfeather is the only surviving kit of Ashfoot and he was shown in Fire And Ice, when WindClan was driven out. And Feathertail was born in Forest Of Secrets, a book after Fire and Ice. It doesn’t make much sense, but it proves there isn’t an age difference. Also, you can continue to ship LeafxCrow, but you shouldn’t hate FeatherXCrow. They clearly love each other a lot and yes, maybe Crowfeather does love Leafpool more, but he still loves Feathertail and I’m not ready to stop shipping them yet.

So, that’s the end of my article. Do you like Feathertail more now? I hope so! Is there any character you want me to do next? Have a great day 😀

~ Silverdusk

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  • I LOVE Feathertail! She’s my fav character (Bluestar is too ;)) I Don’t think she is a Mary Sue, I have a quick Question… Is ReedwhiskerXFeathertail a thing????? I have heard so many people say “ReedXFeather” and I’m not sure if they had feelings for each other :/ Plz tell me in the comments! I like this ship better than LeafXCrow though, tbh. Great article!!

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