[Hollyleaf in blue lighting surrounded by holly berries]

My favourite characters by Briarpaw

Briarpaw lists their favourite characters from the series.

[Hollyleaf in blue lighting surrounded by holly berries]
Art by mothmori
[Hollyleaf in blue lighting surrounded by holly berries]

Hi. My name is Briarpaw and today I am going to be writing my top 10 favrit characters. I have a bit of dyslexia, so sorry if this is bad :/
This is my 2nd article I hike you like it.

10) Ravenpaw

I like Ravenpaw because he is very ancious, like me. He gets scered easily but is also nice. His bond with Barly is cool. Ravenpaw is always there for Thunderclan and his friends. I just really like this kind black tom. I enjoy reading his mangas and reading his stories. Ravenpaw has a sad life but is still happy and nice. I love him a lot, he still battled aganst bloodclan and is a good friend.

9) Graystripe

I really like Graystripe. He is goofy, friendly and loyal. I like his sense of humer and how kind he is. He was always loyal to thunderclan and he was a good dad. I think that Graystripe is very nice and cool. He is a good mate and very faithful to Firestar.

8) Brightheart

I really like brightheart, she has been through so much and yet still stays awesome. Brightheart is a good mother and mate. I like how faithful she is. She never gives up and is so cool. She had a sad life but is still happy .

7) Squirrelflight

Squilf is brite and happy. She is ferce and loyal to her clan and her family. I really like Sqwerflight and she is such a good deputy and sister. I love her so much.

6) Bluestar

Bluestar Is a really good leader. She has had a sad life and most of her family died. She is a kind, pashent and good cat who was hurt by Tigerstar and heaps of ppl hate her for becoming insane but that isn’t her fault so stop hating Bluestar guys. Bluestar is a good leader and a cool character.

5) Leafpool

Leafpool is a pretty, kind and is an awesome med cat. She is kind and interisting.
I loved her in TNP. A lot of peeple think she is a brat but i think Leafpool has always tried her best and is really nice. She is a very cool cat.

4) Yellowfang

I love Yellowfang. She is grumpy, but also loving and kind.. she has a good backstory and a very sad life. It is sad how all her kits died worst from broken kit who is evil and exiled Yellowfang. Yellowfang is a very good character. She was a bit annoying in starclan but i still like her.

3) Briarlight

Briarlight is so awesome she is the reason I am named Briarpaw I just adore the way she never gave up and was so close to jayfeafer she is also so brave and sweet I don’t know a single person who hates briar becase she is very nice and brave.

2) Dovewing

I love Dove. She isn’t a brat, but insted a kind cat who is a good mum and a nice sister. I hate Tigerheart, but I really like Dovewing. How can people hate her? She has always tried ti follow her hart and she is so cool. I even made an articel saying how nobody should hate this butiful baby.

1) Hollyleaf

I love Hollyleaf and the way she was so loyal to her clan and the warrior code but a lot of people think badly about her but idk why since holly is just so awesome and she has redeemed herself as a good cat who people should like more. She was a good cat who had her whole life ruined but she came back and died to save Ivypool.

This article is really bad, sorry. But those are my favourite cats. Do you agree?

Briarblossom 🐱🐾❤️🖊😀

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  • Pawesome article! This is like legit news gold. YOU GO BRIAR!!! And yes! I agree with you on all of these excpet for Dovewing. she’s a whiny brat but ig you can say she does have some good parts to her.

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