[Sunbeam and Nightheart talking on a Gathering night]

Is Nightheart x Sunbeam Really Reasonable? by Hollykit

Hollykit takes a look at Nightheart and Sunbeam’s potential relationship.

[Sunbeam and Nightheart talking on a Gathering night]
Art by QueenBluestar
[Sunbeam and Nightheart talking on a Gathering night]

The Warriors universe is widely known for its forbidden romances. Controversy has definitely spawned from this controversy of love. Yet, forbidden romances still keep on going. What I’m going to be talking about is the recent ship from the recent installment in the Warriors series, and if it’s truly reasonable.

Let’s begin by analyzing these characters.

We see Nightheart starting off as Flamepaw. He hates how his prefix is “Flame”, for his descendant, Firestar, and he hates how he has raising expectations for him. He also hates his mother, Sparkpelt, for obvious reasons. Flamepaw explicitly overstates to his mentor—and literally everyone else—that he doesn’t want to be compared to Firestar, he just wants to be his own cat. (In fact, Firestar and Flamepaw look nothing alike—Firestar is a ginger tabby with emerald green eyes, and Flamepaw is a black tom with amber eyes.)

After three warrior assessments, Flamepaw’s finally ready to receive his warrior name. Unfortunately for him, Bramblestar names him Flameheart, as Firestar’s warrior name was Fireheart. Flamepaw rejects, so after a while, Bramblestar renames his PREFIX to Night, yet keeps the -heart. (That was a very bad move on Bramblestar’s part. Maybe I should make an article about that. Hmm.) Nightheart is now treated like an outcast, especially by his mother, as he rejected his name.

Let’s move on to Sunbeam.

Sunbeam is living her best life in ShadowClan. She’s a good warrior (pretty lazy at times, but who cares) and even has a future mate planned out—Blazefire (remember him? Broken Code? No? Me neither, basically no one does.) Everything seems perfect for Sunbeam… but things are about to turn very Warrior Cats as Blazefire rejects her for Lightleap. Sunbeam is devastated.

But wait! There’s more! Dovewing’s kit, Rowankit, is in desperate need of catmint. After Tigerheartstar (yes I’m calling him that) very politely asks for catmint, yet learns out the other Clans have none, he very politely and very sensibly blames them and sends a rescue patrol. It’s consisted of Sunbeam, Lightleap, Rootspring, Fidgetflake… and Nightheart.

This is basically where they fall in love, right? Right? …right?

No, not really. I mean, I don’t see any chemistry whatsoever between these two. Like, none. All they do is nuzzle each other once and… understand each other? If you can call it that? I thought characters had to have some sort of chemistry, or at least hints, like in Crowpool.

Now that we’ve covered that part, let’s cover the fact that these two EASILY could have stayed friends. Did Nightheart have to proclaim to Blazefire that he wanted to move to ShadowClan to be Sunbeam’s mate? He literally could’ve just said “I want to move to ShadowClan.” These two didn’t have to shipped.

Still, this is a forbidden romance, and we all know the Erins love forbidden romance opportunities when they see one. Nightheart x Sunbeam was an excuse to have a forbidden romance in yet another Warriors series.

A final note: please don’t make them have kits. They’ve never felt like a mother and father to me.

With that all being said, I believe that Nightheart x Sunbeam is completely unreasonable. Sure, they might be good places for an escape, but a mate isn’t always the solution. Well, Hollykit out!

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