[Jay's Wing and Half Moon share a tearful moment under a crescent moon]

Discussing Warrior Cat couples by Silverleap

Silverleap shares their opinion on some ships from the series.

[Jay's Wing and Half Moon share a tearful moment under a crescent moon]
Art by Silverzoul
[Jay’s Wing and Half Moon share a tearful moment under a crescent moon]

Hello Blogclanners!!! Silverleap again, I will be discussing WC coupes as you can tell by the title so let’s get into it!!

1. Firestar
We all now the flame colored cat that has saved the clans if you don’t then you haven’t read the books at all. I know a lot of people hate FirexSpotted but I really liked it I think it was sweet how his first love was a medicine cat what I don’t get is how he likes Sandstorm if Sand and Spotted have very different personalities. So I would have been ok with any of these ships happening.

That is all for today I hope you enjoy this and if you have any thoughts don’t hesitate to write them on the comments you can disagree on the whole article if needed! I can’t say I will be responding to all comments but I’ll defiantly try to.

12/20/2022 (Happy Late New Year!)

We aren’t even going to talk about Nightcloud because he never really loved her. I think CrowxFeather was a ok ship but it just seemed like Highschool romance and I think Leafpool liked Crowfeather more than Feathertail did. So CrowxLeaf have to win I don’t see in any way that CrowxFeather could have happened.

I think DovexTiger was interesting but I didn’t like them together I always felt like Tigerheart was using her in a way it also annoyed me how he always put Dovewing second I don’t really like both of them but I still think she should have gotten someone better because Bumble seemed to pushy aswell.

I like Fernsong and Ivypool together but I am going to talk about IvyxHawk. I think this would have been a awesome couple I would have loved the fact if she was secretly with a villainn. It would have been intertying to read even though there is kind of a big age gap between them.

Even though he seems like a cat that could never love someone he did endup loving a beautiful white she cat Half-Moon (and a object ‘Stick’) I was surprised he wanted have kits but it also made me squeal of how adorable that was. But htere is also BriarxJay these two are so adorable together even though they would have made a great couple I think I prefer them as friends I am just glad Jayfeather found somone to love even though it is sad he couldn’t be with that cat.

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