[Old cover of The Fourth Apprentice]

Dovewing and Ivypool: Why they don’t deserve all the hate they get by Rosepaw

Rosepaw defends one of ThunderClan’s famous sister duos, Dovewing and Ivypool.

[Old cover of The Fourth Apprentice]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[Old cover of The Fourth Apprentice]

Hi BlogClan, it’s Roselet (Rosepaw) here with my second article. Today I’m going to be discussing the most famous sisters in Warrior Cats history: Ivypool and Dovewing. Spoilers for Omen of the Stars and beyond are ahead.
Both sisters are awesome in their own ways, but most people are at the extreme when it comes to the sisters’ popularity in the fandom. People either love them or hate them. Love Ivypool and hate Dovewing, or love Dovewing and hate Ivypool.
But… why? Why do people hate one and love the other? It’s not like they’re on opposite sides of a war or something. They don’t hate or mortally wrong each other. Their sisters who love each other, and though their relationship has some flaws, so do all sibling relationships! Okay, not all siblings have an unfair dynamic where one has super powers and the one doesn’t, but of course Ivypool would be a little jealous that her sister, an apprentice, is suddenly the center of attention of her clan leader, and is the only apprentice chosen to go on a very special mission. I would be sick with jealousy if it was my sister. No one is perfect.
And Dovewing… everyone says she’s whiny and a Mary Sue, but that’s just ridiculous. She never asked for her powers, and as a young apprentice, she had to bear the burden of being a prophecy cat all by herself. “But Roseli,” you say, “She had her mentor and a medicine cat to help her.” Jayfether and Lionblaze were no help at all, treating her like a weapon that they could use instead of a young cat that needed their help. And remember, while they had each other and Hollyleaf she only had herself, and she wasn’t even allowed to tell her closest friend about her powers and the prophecy. Dovewing and Ivypool BOTH had it hard, in the beginning.
I have to admit, though, that Ivypaw and Dovepaw were not the greatest cats as apprentices. They both did things they would later regret and both had their flaws during the early OotS arc. But I feel like they also both really matured into responsible cats, and repaired their relationship broken by jealousy and secrecy. Ivypool loved Dovewing, and Dovewing loved Ivypool. Ivy was a great mentor to Twigbranch and mother to Bristlefrost, and Dove was an awesome mother to Shadowsight, Lightleap, and Pouncestep. (I just love the TigerDove family, they all really care about each other).
Whatever my previous opinions of the sisters during Omen of the Stars arc, I have come to respect both Dovewing and Ivypool as loyal warriors of their clans, and I hope maybe, just maybe, in the future all the Dovewing fans who are Ivypool haters and the Ivypool fans who are Dovewing haters will come to respect them for that too.
Bye everyone, and see you on the Blog!
—Rosepaw 🌹🐾

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