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Dovewing and Ivypool: Why they don’t deserve all the hate they get by Rosepaw

Rosepaw defends one of ThunderClan’s famous sister duos, Dovewing and Ivypool.

[Old cover of The Fourth Apprentice]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[Old cover of The Fourth Apprentice]

Hi BlogClan, it’s Roselet (Rosepaw) here with my second article. Today I’m going to be discussing the most famous sisters in Warrior Cats history: Ivypool and Dovewing. Spoilers for Omen of the Stars and beyond are ahead.
Both sisters are awesome in their own ways, but most people are at the extreme when it comes to the sisters’ popularity in the fandom. People either love them or hate them. Love Ivypool and hate Dovewing, or love Dovewing and hate Ivypool.
But… why? Why do people hate one and love the other? It’s not like they’re on opposite sides of a war or something. They don’t hate or mortally wrong each other. Their sisters who love each other, and though their relationship has some flaws, so do all sibling relationships! Okay, not all siblings have an unfair dynamic where one has super powers and the one doesn’t, but of course Ivypool would be a little jealous that her sister, an apprentice, is suddenly the center of attention of her clan leader, and is the only apprentice chosen to go on a very special mission. I would be sick with jealousy if it was my sister. No one is perfect.
And Dovewing… everyone says she’s whiny and a Mary Sue, but that’s just ridiculous. She never asked for her powers, and as a young apprentice, she had to bear the burden of being a prophecy cat all by herself. “But Roseli,” you say, “She had her mentor and a medicine cat to help her.” Jayfether and Lionblaze were no help at all, treating her like a weapon that they could use instead of a young cat that needed their help. And remember, while they had each other and Hollyleaf she only had herself, and she wasn’t even allowed to tell her closest friend about her powers and the prophecy. Dovewing and Ivypool BOTH had it hard, in the beginning.
I have to admit, though, that Ivypaw and Dovepaw were not the greatest cats as apprentices. They both did things they would later regret and both had their flaws during the early OotS arc. But I feel like they also both really matured into responsible cats, and repaired their relationship broken by jealousy and secrecy. Ivypool loved Dovewing, and Dovewing loved Ivypool. Ivy was a great mentor to Twigbranch and mother to Bristlefrost, and Dove was an awesome mother to Shadowsight, Lightleap, and Pouncestep. (I just love the TigerDove family, they all really care about each other).
Whatever my previous opinions of the sisters during Omen of the Stars arc, I have come to respect both Dovewing and Ivypool as loyal warriors of their clans, and I hope maybe, just maybe, in the future all the Dovewing fans who are Ivypool haters and the Ivypool fans who are Dovewing haters will come to respect them for that too.
Bye everyone, and see you on the Blog!
—Rosepaw 🌹🐾

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  • 🌹🎵𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓽 (she/her)🎵🌹🌈Aka Rainpaw/brook🌈🌿🌧️Rainy Sky Over Splashing Brook🌧️🌿 says:

    Respectful comments only, please <3

  • Shadeleap (she/her) | Shade lit up by Leaping Flames | Shades, Shade, Shadey | Running for SW! says:

    Great article Roselet!! I used to hate Dovewing and love Ivypool, but now im neutral on Dove (i still love Ivy)

  • Nice article, Roselet, but I disagree. I feel like Dovewing deserves every ounce of hate she gets, but Ivypool is DEFINITELY the best! Dovewing is a whiny, incompetent, bratty Mary-Sue who is a TERRIBLE mother to her kits. Not only did she coddle Shadowsight WHEN HE WAS A FULL MEDICINE CAT and because of that wasn’t as good a mother to Pouncekit and Lightkit. I think Lightleap’s personality and horribleness is a little bit because Dovewing seemed to care more about her brother than her and her sister. Now, Lightleap is just in general an awful cat, but I think that Dovewing’s parenting might have something to do with it, too. And when Rowankit died, she just seemed WAAAAYY TOO depressed. Bluestar wasn’t like that when Mosskit died, and Speckletail wasn’t like that when Snowkit died. Same thing with Morningflower when Gorsepaw died–Remember, she just fought harder to avenge him! I feel like Dovewing is too weak as a warrior and doesn’t really have any true loyalties. I mean, she dumped her mate, Bumblestripe, and her WHOLE CLAN AND FAMILY for her JERK AND IDIOT of a boyfriend, TIGERHEARTSTAR!!!! The relationship is GROSS AND DISGUSTING AND TOXIC AND UNHEALTHY AND… Oh boy, I’m getting off track… And Dovewing is an awful sister! When Bristlefrost died–might I add, TWICE, IN THE DARK FOREST–she IGNORED her GRIEVING SISTER and just KEPT CODDLING SHADOWSIGHT AOHEJFLWJMDLOBW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It INFURIATES me about this, and I really feel like she could’ve been a great character. This is just my opinion, so I don’t want to offend anyone, but… Yeah, that’s it! You did a great job, Roselet!! <33

    • I mean, you could have been a bit more respectful instead of doing the equivalent of shouting… but whatever.

      As a Dovewing defender, I see some of your points but disagree with most of them. You say that she coddles Shadowsight, but keep in mind that Shadowsight has had things like seizures since his kithood– it is reasonable that Dovewing would be worried about him. That’s what a good mother does.

      Also, you can’t really blame Lightleap on Dovewing’s parenting- Lightleap is her own cat and is responsible for her own choices. Plus, saying that Dovewing “felt too sad” at Rowankit’s death is, quite frankly, a bit disrespectful. Dovewing lost a child. Of course she’d feel crushed and sad. Wouldn’t you? And you say that Ivypool grieved after Bristlefrost’s death, so how come she’s allowed to feel sad but Dovewing isn’t? 🙁

      Plus, saying she’s a Mary Sue and then saying she’s a terrible mother in the same sentence is contradictory. A Mary Sue is totally perfect, and if she’s apparently terrible at parenting, then she’s not perfect.

      Finally, saying Dovewing is weak as a warrior is not exactly correct either(remember, she fought against the DF with her sister), plus her whole relationship with Bumblestripe was imo more of a close friendship than anything else.

    • Tbh, I LOVE Dovewing, but HATE Tigerheart/star. You can’t really compare her to other characters, since they all have different personalities and ways of coping.
      First of all, no, Dovewing is not a bad mother. The fact that she coddles Shadowsight sort of proves that. HE LITERALLY HAD SEIZURES AS A KIT. OF COURSE HE WAS BEING CODDLED. And it’s not really her fault that Lightleap is bratty. She actually used to be a nice cat until ASC so there must have been something else.

      Second, she isn’t weak. Why else would she be chosen for the prophecy if she was good for nothing?She solved the beaver problem, and she literally fought in the DF. I genuinely didn’t think it was dovewing’s fault she dumped Bumble. He was being EXTREMELY creepy, saying things like ‘Our kits will be beautiful’ when she had 0 interest in him.

      Finally, she is not a bad sister. I believe that Ivypool is an even worse sister. When Ivypool got scratches from the DF Dovewing was always trying to help her but Ivy just pushed her away. Then again, when Ivy got a scratch, she needed an excuse for being wounded so Dovewing gave her a thorn. And it’s obvious why Dove was coddling Shadowsight after Bristlefrost’s death. Shadowsight just went to the DF, HES a med cat, he can barely fight, and he saw his bestie die. Can’t they just grieve for themselves and not be grouped together like always?

      P.S if you call her a Mary sue, that defeats the whole point of her being a Mary sue.

    • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

      Pt 1 because too long
      I can see this is a topic ou have very strong opinions about 🙂 I can see it by your shouting and by the way you jumped off to insult the character. I do that too, sometimes xD
      In the Dovewing case, my opinion isn’t as strong as yours. But I’d still like to explain why I disagree 🙂 This is just my opinion, and not meant to offend anyone.
      “Dovewing is a whiny, incompetent, bratty Mary-Sue who is a TERRIBLE mother to her kits.” A Mary-Sue can’t be bratty. It means to be a perfect character with no flaws who everyone (in the story) loves, and that is NOT the case with Dovewing. Bumblestripe, Ivypool for a pretty long while, she’s got a good amount of characters who dislike her. I don’t understand why people call her whiny either…

    • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

      Like, yes she did complain, but in her head. You don’t often control your thoughts, right? When she complained out loud, it was because she feared she couldn’t be useful anymore, when she lost her senses, and when she realzied she couldn’t include her sister nor tell Ivypaw the secret, which, uh, just proves she’s a good sister who loves Ivypool? And since you said Ivypool’s “the best”, you can probably understand that? And she as a youngdWe notice Lightleap is not bad or jerky in the Broken Code, and the reason she did become jerky is explained in ASC, and has nothing to do with Dovewing: She wasn’t brave enough to go into the DF and blames herself for it, so she’s taking risks and just generally being a bad cat to everyone.
      Abotu her being “too depressed” when Rowankit died, like Blazey said, that’s pretty disrespectful. Like, have you ever lost a child? Of course she’d grieve. Ivypool grieved for Bristle, and she died when she was a fully-grown warrior who’d lived a reasaonably good life. Now imagine how Dovewing felt knowing her kit would never be an apprentice, never be a mate of a father, never have any type of ambition achieved, never reach a goal. And Dovewing was also sleeping next to and nursing Rowankit every day. I agree with rpetty much everything you said about Tigerstar 2, but still, she didn’t really have an awesome relationship with her Clan. And she ran away for her kits, bringing up again your point of her being a “terrible mother”….

    • 🌹🎵𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓽 (she/her)🎵🌹🌈Aka Rainpaw/brook🌈🌿🌧️Rainy Sky Over Splashing Brook🌧️🌿 says:

      Using all caps makes it sound like you’re yelling at me, Flamey. Please don’t do that <3

      • Flamepaw/spirit || Ospreysplash's awesome apprentice!! || She/her || Arson is life || HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHADELEAP!! says:

        Sorry, I wasn’t trying to sound like that, I just get really carried away when stuff like this happens… 🙁

    • A little harsh(maybe Roselet’s comment on respectful comments didn’t appear when you wrote this, but you can be a bit more kind) but I might as well try to explain why Dovewing did the things she did:
      1. Just so you know, Mary-Sues can’t be bratty, that’s a flaw and a Mary-Sue is seen as a perfect cat(or with very, very few flaws). Besides, Dovewing has a lot of flaws that don’t make her a bad character but they’re enough that she isn’t a perfect Mary-Sue. These flaws also help her to learn from her mistakes and make what she did wrong right. Even though she’s still probably struggling to have a better relationship with her sister, everyone has flaws. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone can be a bit whiny at times.
      2. Now, I don’t get why people call her whiny, but I can see that they interpret Dovewing’s sadness at being different as being whiny. Here’s a little quote I got from the book:
      Dovepaw tried not to hear what any of the cats were saying. Her Clanmates were gathering to witness her humiliation. How could she explain? With a rush of frustration that tightened her throat, she wished fiercely that there were no such thing as the prophecy, and that she didn’t have any powers at all.
      I mean, just imagine you’re at the center of attention, your Clanmates think you’re crazy, and you can’t be a normal apprentice like your sister.
      Okay, I’m turning this into an article, so I’m going to stop right there. Hopefully you saw my ideas clearly!
      PS: I must admit I was a little harsh in my old, pretty bad articles that I wrote when I first came here, so it’s okay:)

  • yeah, i don’t really c the point in hating 1 and loving another… but i have 2 admit that i’m an ivypool fan & i’m neutral with dovewing ^^;; anyways, great article!!!! <3

  • 🎵🌼 𝕃𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕒/𝕃𝕚𝕝𝕤 🌼🎵 𝙇𝙞𝙡𝙮𝙥𝙖𝙬/𝙜𝙡𝙤𝙬 (She/her) 🌸 says:

    Amazing article Roselet! Are you Rainpaw/brook now?

    • 🌹🎵𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓽 (she/her)🎵🌹🌈Aka Rainpaw/brook🌈🌿🌧️Rainy Sky Over Splashing Brook🌧️🌿 says:


  • Great article! I love Ivypool and used to hate Dovewing, but after thinking about it and articles like yours, I like both of them (though I still like Ivypool way more).

  • Great article, but I still like Ivypool.
    Tbh, other cats DID have the burden of being the prophecy cats, but they didn’t whine (*cough Jayfeather and Lionblaze cough*)! And Hollyleaf WANTED to become a prophecy cat. And Dovewing just left Ivypool in ThunderClan. But she still cared for her, I guess, so that’s okay.
    Nice job! ❤️ (You get a cookie : 🍪😁)

    • 🌹🎵𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓽 (she/her)🎵🌹🌈Aka Rainpaw/brook🌈🌿🌧️Rainy Sky Over Splashing Brook🌧️🌿 says:

      Thanks! Everybody likes different characters 😀
      More cookies: 🍪🍪🍪🍪


    • 🌹🎵𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓽 (she/her)🎵🌹🌈Aka Rainpaw/brook🌈🌿🌧️Rainy Sky Over Splashing Brook🌧️🌿 says:

      YESSS TYSM SANDI <3333

  • Great article! I really like Ivypool but I like Dovewing a little bit more.

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