[Tigerstar sitting with his front left paw raised slightly]

Why Tigerstar II fails as a leader by Mochipaw

Mochipaw discusses why Tigerstar II has not performed well as a leader.

[Tigerstar sitting with his front left paw raised slightly]
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[Tigerstar sitting with his front left paw raised slightly]

Hi I’m Mochipaw and today I’m going to explain why I think Tigerstar II is not only a bad character (Not antagonist, I just don’t like him), but also why he failed as a leader. This article contains spoilers for Sky, and AVoS

First of all, HE LEFT HIS CLAN WHEN IT NEEDED HIM MOST!!!! and for what reason? To trail after a she-cat from a completely different clan? In Tigerheart’s shadow we all know that Tigerstar II thought that he was being neglected simply because his father was harsh on him for not meeting expectations. (Or was that another book?) Either way, Tigerheart/star left to find Dovewing, and because of that Dovewing realized: oh hey! I LOVE this guy SO MUCH that I will ABANDON MY CLAN FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!1!!!1!1111!1
Sorry, gotta make another article ranting about Doodoowing/Dumbwing/Dovewing.

Also, TigerDove has seriously NO DEVELOPEMENT. You meet this person when trying to save the clans, and then all of a sudden you think: “Man, that person’s kinda cute . . .” when they DON’T EVEN KNOW EACH OTHER????? I feel like the Erins should’ve put in some character development before suddenly making them fall in love. ANYWAY.

Second of all, are we all just going to IGNORE the fact that Tigerheartstar invaded Riverclan to take over them, the same thing his grandfather did? He keeps insisting he wants to “help”. Also, if Tigerstar II got revived then why didn’t Reedwhisker? I feel like Tigerstar II did some REALLY bad things in Sky, seriously! Did he REALLY think that Riverclan would say yes to that? So first he offers to help, which was nice. but then received refusal from all clans. Then what did he decide to do? Follow his grandpa’s footsteps and took over Riverclan by force. That is something that makes him a bad leader.

Third of all, I felt that in Sky, he neglected everyone else except for Rowankit. That’s nice of him, but when you have mouths to feed and people to rule over, you seriously need to start multitasking a bit! Also, is it just me, or when Dovewing was Dovepaw, I felt like Tigerheart was constantly trying to manipulate Dovewing into doing what he wanted. I think there was a time when Dovewing didn’t want to see him, but he literally showed up and was like “I miss you!” and when Dovewing said to back off, he didn’t listen.

All of this shows that he is not only way too stubborn and will do things his way no matter the cost (sound familiar?), and that he is way too soft hearted for his mate. He abandoned his Clan when it was under attack, and when his dad needed him most.

That’s all, I hope you enjoy my article!

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