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Does StarClan favor ThunderClan? A warriors theory by Shadeleap

Shadeleap shares a theory about the general Warriors series.

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[image description: the ThunderClan logo on a stormy background]

Hi BlogClanners!!! So, I was reading one of the warriors books, I think it was… Exile from ShadowClan, but I don’t remember. Anyway, I was reading it and I realized how many times StarClan has favored ThunderClan over every other Clan! I’ll be using some instances from a lot of different arcs to prove my point, so… Enjoy!

(Spoilers for Exile from ShadowClan, TPB, TNP, Bluestar’s prophecy, River, Yellowfang’s Secret, OotS, PO3, AVoS, Onestar’s Confession)

#1: ThunderClan vs. ShadowClan
It didn’t take very long to find an instant where StarClan favored ThunderClan over ShadowClan. You don’t have to look any further than the Prophecies Begin. Brokenstar has been driven out of ShadowClan and Nightpelt has stepped up to take his place. Later we learn that because Brokenstar had one life left when he was driven out, Nightpelt does not get his 9 lives.
Now look at Bluestar’s prophecy. Pinestar left to become a kittypet, and Sunfall stepped up to be the next leader. But here’s the thing: he does get more lives. Sure, he only gets 8, but that’s better than 1! So why does a ThunderClan leader get his lives while a ShadowClan leader doesn’t? It doesn’t make sense.

#2: ThunderClan vs. WindClan
In TNP, Tallstar dies, and appoints Onewhisker to be the next leader instead of Mudclaw. Mudclaw is angry about this and rebels against his own Clan leader. But StarClan didn’t send a sign about how Onewhisker was the rightful leader. They waited until Mudclaw had almost destroyed his Clan to kill him with the tree. But in ThunderClan, the second Firestar decides to appoint a new deputy, Leafpool gets a sign that it should be Brambleclaw. But they didn’t give a sign to WindClan! Why not?

#3: ThunderClan vs. RiverClan
This one took a bit longer, but I eventually found one. Two, actually. The first one is in River. After Mistystar and Reedwhisker die, StarClan waits for a long time until giving Frostpaw a sign to appoint the new leader. However, Goosefeather got a sign about Bluestar when she was an apprentice, and Leafpool got a sign about Brambleclaw within the hour of Firestar announcing that he’ll be choosing a new deputy. Why wait so long when RiverClan is in trouble?
The second one is in Omen of the Stars. Dovepaw and Lionblaze are on a patrol to visit RiverClan to bring Rainstorm home (Rainstorm, right?), and Dovepaw notices that there’s a sick cat in RiverClan. It was Leopardstar. She had some sort of disease that caused her to lose… I think it was 2 or 3 lives. But whenever a ThunderClan leader loses a life, StarClan heals whatever killed them. Why didn’t it work for RiverClan?

#4: ThunderClan vs. SkyClan
This one was easy. SkyClan is driven from the forest and are forced to stay away for moons, until ThunderClan cats have to come and get them four times. The first time, it was Firestar, who found a scattered Clan. The second time it was Alderpaw, with the Clan destroyed by Darktail, the third time it was Twigpaw to bring them back to the lake, and the fourth time it was Twigbranch again, with her idea of the patrol of cats who wanted SkyClan at the lake. And you can totally make the argument that the first time it had to be Firestar because they wanted someone who wasn’t related to the cats who drive them out, but it could have been Mothwing, Hawkfrost, Raggedstar, Scorchwind, Boulder, Jake, Smoke, Tansypaw, Brushpaw, Bailey, Tigerstar (He has SkyClan blood!), Spottedleaf (She has SkyClan blood too!) Russetfur, or even Smudge. It did not have to be a ThunderClan cat, but StarClan prefers them, so they sent the ‘legendary’ Firestar.

Need more proof?
All four of the “kin of your kin” prophecy cats were ThunderClan. And that wasn’t a coincidence. One StarClan cat said “we chose them” (pretty sure that was Bluestar).
Except for Crowfeather, all of the cats who made the original journey to the sun-drown-place were part ThunderClan
StarClan sent Leafpool a sign that Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight were supposed to be mates. They’ve never sent a sign like that since, and they’d never sent one to any other Clan.
Ashfur went to StarClan for “loving too much” when countless other non-ThunderClan cats went to the DF for murder (which is exactly what he attempted)
Yellowfang is in StarClan, even though she poisoned Brokenstar, but Juniperclaw went to the DF for poisoning one vole
The warning about Brokenstar (a ShadowClan cat) came to a ThunderClan medicine apprentice (Featherpaw/whisker)
ThunderClan has saved every other Clan at least once

Now I kind of want to think about why this might be happening. Because it’s the central Clan? Yes, definitely, but let’s go a bit deeper. Maybe StarClan favors ThunderClan because so many of the ThunderClan cats were well-known and respected, and cats from other Clans faded really quickly after dying because not a lot of people remembered them. Maybe most of the StarClan cats are dead ThunderClan cats. Maybe StarClan trusts ThunderClan with the knowledge of everything because they know it’ll just stick its whiskers into the other Clan’s business anyway. Or maybe the ThunderClan cats stick so close to the Warrior code-
Wait, nope scratch that last one. No ThunderClan cat ever followed the Warrior Code that strictly. Except maybe Hollyleaf. Or Whitewing.
Anyway that’s all I got. But hey, it’s just a theory.
A Warriors theory!
Happy reading

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  • Great Article!! I LOVE ThunderClan, but it is SO overrated. And ShadowClan is overhated! Also, another thing relating to TC vs SC, Leafpool had kits who all had amazing destinies and wasn’t punished too bad. But when Yellowfang was in ShadowClan and had kits, she had two kits die and one grow up to be evil (sorry if I spoiled anything to anyone). Yeah it is unfair

  • Fallowpaw|🔥Fire alone can save our Clan-Spottedleaf|💧More water will flow before we join StarClan-Ravenpaw|🌫Don't you want to breathe the fresh air?-Graystripe|🌍Like I said, Earth is a big name for a kit your size-Root says:

    Wow… This actually makes sense!

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