[Ferncloud standing in the grass and looking up at the viewer]

Minor Characters Series: Ferncloud by Goldenbrook

Goldenbrook takes a look at Ferncloud’s life.

[Ferncloud standing in the grass and looking up at the viewer]
Artwork by KsandraTheFennec
[Ferncloud standing in the grass and looking up at the viewer]

So recently (for me, anyway), I asked you guys who you wanted me to write about. And I got the exact answers I was hoping for! Minor characters! I wanted minor characters because I thoughts it would be a slightly more difficult topic to write about, rather than a character who has a point of view in the books. So now, it is time to delve into Ferncloud’s characters!
Spoilers for the second half of TPB and beyond.
Fernkit was born to Brindleface alongside her brother Ashfur and two siblings who ended up dying. Ferncloud is gental, often cooling Dustpelt’s temper. It is often joked about how many kits she had. At one point, she goes on a little hunting expedition with Cloudkit and Ashkit, perhaps showing a bit more adventurous spirit than what she is typically given credit for.
What’s interesting about Ferncloud is that she has what is usually classified as a “tragic backstory.” Her mother died by Tigerstar’s doing, and she didn’t really get a chance to mourn her, because then she had to help kill the dogs who killed her. But Ferncloud showed resilience but not letting her mother’s death deter her; in fact, she showed strong resolve by luring the dogs away.
In A Shadow in RiverClan, Ferncloud appears and has a friendly little chat with Feathertail. She had accidentally trespassed on RiverClan land while hunting a squirrel, and when confronted by two other RiverClan cats, she offers to give up the squirrel. Clearly, when given the chance, Ferncloud would always choose the peaceful option, preferring harmony to fighting.
Later on, Ferncloud loses three of her kits in just a month. But what’s amazing about Ferncloud, and what is so rarely recognized, is that she kept going. Despite how much pain she must have been in, she kept on going for Birchkit. Then, in her new home, Ferncloud befriended Sorreltail and Daisy, standing by the former kittypet’s side throughout the shouts that she shouldn’t be there. Interestingly enough, Dustpelt was one of the cats saying Daisy shouldn’t be there. Additionally, her son, Spiderleg, wanted her gone too. But Ferncloud still sided with Daisy, again showing her strong resolve.
Ferncloud ended up staying permanetely

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  • Shadeleap (she/her) | Shade lit up by Leaping Flames | Shades, Shade, Shadey | Running for SW! says:

    Great article!! I love Ferncloud, she’s super underrated

    • YOU MADE IT FIRST OMIGOSH. I’m too chicken to say that 😛. I’m afraid this will happen:

      Me: FIRST! Nice article, btw.
      *It gets modded and posts*
      10 seconds later
      Cat 1: Not first
      Cat 2: Oof, not first
      Cat 3: No first 🙁
      Cat 4: …sorry, you’re not first
      Me: 😶

  • Solarpaw/flare | Kotlc superfan! | Team Foster-Keefe! | Huntlow FOREVER (TOH!!) | Mitsukou!!!<3 says:

    Awesome article!! Did it get cut off? 🙁 I really like how you’re doing minor characters!

    • It got cut off 🙁
      But basically, the gist of it was that Ferncloud always stands up for what she believes in. She’s gentle and kind, but also very
      stubborn XD
      In the best way! 🙂

  • Great article! It got cut off tho

  • Great article! Sorry it got cut off 🙁 Ferncloud is one of my favorite characters and I feel like she deserves more credit than she gets with everything she’s done and everything she has been through. She’s an amazing cat but sadly never gets much attention.

  • It got cut off. ;-; THIS WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!

  • 🪺🌸🦌🌸🪺 Stream Reflecting Dawn Light and the Silhouettes of Easter Eggs 🪺🌸🦌🌸🪺 Happy (early) Easter! 🐣 Feather x Crow is an exceptional ship!🌊✨(Streampaw/lark, she/her)✨ 🌊 says:

    Amazing article, Goldenbrook! I always enjoy delving into the more intricate back-stories of minor characters, especially Ferncloud, who isn’t recognized or appreciated enough. I agree that Ferncloud was always compassionate and cordial, but never gullible – she could understand Feathertail’s perspective during their conversation, when Feathertail revealed her true emotions regarding leaving ThunderClan – even though Ferncloud herself had never experienced the uncertainty and mixed loyalty that comes with being half-Clan, proving that, for her to at least sympathize with such a different experience from her own, she clearly has immense emotional awareness and intelligence. It’s unfair and entirely prejudiced for people to dislike Ferncloud for having “too many kits”, as you implied. Ferncloud was an adult and free to make her own decisions. If she desired to have, nurse, and teach kits, she should have had the freedom to! Additionally, kits, when mentored, become refined, well-educated, and thoroughly beneficial warriors – obviously helping the Clan. In fact, I love Ferncloud’s motherhood! She was always very caring to and with her kits, and, as you stated, the deaths of Hollykit and Larchkit didn’t deter her, even with a torrent of grief pulsing down, from continuing to mother Birchkit. It was this determination, this resilience, that made Ferncloud such an astonishing character. Sorry about the rant! 🙂 Again, wonderful article, and great job.

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