[Orange-lit Nightheart and Crowfeather arguing]

Crowfeather and Nightcloud were Unhealthy by Lightmoss

Lightmoss discusses why Crowfeather and Nightcloud’s relationship was unhealthy.

[Orange-lit Nightheart and Crowfeather arguing]
Art by toffi-fi (tumblr)
[Orange-lit Nightheart and Crowfeather arguing]

Hello, Lightmoss here to explain why CrowxNight is so unhealthy, not just for Crowfeather and Nightcloud, but for their kid as well. Read onward to find out my thoughts and opinion, and have a great read and a great day!

Crowfeather and Nightcloud, the WindClan cats that never loved each other and passed their bitter spite onto their only son, Breezepelt. Lets start from the begining though, where Crowfeather has just been trashed by Leafpool and is forced to return back to WindClan. This is very embarasing for a warrior that really likes to look strong and tough, and Crowfeather really wants to show his loyalty to WindClan. So he seirously FINDS A LONLEY SHE-CAT THAT HE DOSEN’T EVEN REALLY KNOW OR LIKE AND BECOMES HER MATE. This is ….. just ….. I love Crowfeather, he is my grumpy boi and so is his son Jayfeather (more on him later) but he really screwed up here.
Nightcloud gives birth, but because she is a bit older, all of her kits die. All but one little tom-kit named Breezekit. Now, things started going wrong even before Breezekit was born between these two, with Crowfeather realizing he and Nightcloud DID NOT GET ALONG AT ALL. So when Breezekit was born and Nightcloud was angry for divorcing her and then leaving her to raise his son alone, Crowfeather started to understand that it was a pretty mouse-brained plan.
So what does Crowfeather do? Well of course he won’t apologize to Nightcloud or at least try and raise his child! Nope, he fights with Nightcloud in front of their baby and that makes their poor son grow up only understanding and knowing hate from his parents and instant forgivness and love from his mom. This really screwed him up, and it wasn’t at all Breezepelt’s fault. It was dumb of Crowfeather, but poor Nightcloud just wanted to find someone to love and Breezepelt just wanted to know his dad better.
And then when the news gets out that Leafpool had kits in ThunderClan that are secretly Crowfeather’s, things get even worse for Crow/Night/Breeze. Breeze ends up training with evil dead cats, Nightcloud never tells her precious baby to stop, and Crowfeather is always yelling at everyone cause he is angry his perfect plan didn’t work out. I love him, but this was just really horrible.

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  • Gryffinkit/dusk|| she/her|| looking for a mentor!|| Blog sis of the amazing Onyxkit!|| I love FROGGOS 🐸🐸 says:

    Hi I always felt bad for poor Nightcloud, most of her kits died, her only ever mate left her, and her only kit was training in the dark forest, so many reasons, also her only mate didn’t even love her. So sad 😭

  • I’m now reading The Raging Storm, (VOS, book 6) and I don’t really like Crowfeather now, but I’m going to be honest now. When I was reading TNP, (A.K.A. the worst arc ever) I had the teensiest, tiniest CRUSH on him. I even called him SENPI once. I swear to the lord above, even though I’m an agnostic, that I’m not a furry!

  • Yeah, I do feel really bad for Nightcloud in this situation
    I’m glad they made up and worked out their problems, but most of Breezepelt’s problems were rooted in his daddy issues, and Crowfeather did nothing to help, despite knowing full well that Breezepelt was angry and horrible BECAUSE of him