[Bluestar sitting on the ground and backlit]

Warrior Cats Explained: Bluestar, Why Did her Faith Fall? by Dawnlight

Dawnlight discusses Bluestar’s loss of faith in StarClan.

[Bluestar sitting on the ground and backlit]
Art by LLoryZ
[Bluestar sitting on the ground and backlit]

Who is Bluestar?
Bluestar was the leader of Thunderclan during The Prophecies Begin. She was born to Moonflower and Stormtail as Bluekit alongside her sister Snowkit. Her mentors were Stonepelt and Sunstar and was warriored under the name of Bluefur.
She later had affairs with the Oakheart, a Riverclan cat, and had three kits: Mistykit, Stonekit, and Mosskit. Goosefeather had a prophecy about Bluestar and in order to achieve the role of deputy and later leader, she gave her kits to Oakheart. Mosskit died on the way.
Well on her way, Bluefur became Bluestar and received her nine lives. She later continued to rule Thunderclan wisely as well as monitoring Fireheart’s growth. She had three apprentices, Frostfur, Runningwind, and Fireheart. Bluestar met her demise when she drowned in the river while trying to save her clan from dogs. She resides in Starclan since.

What is her importance to WARRIORS as a whole?
Bluestar played a crucial role in The Prophecies Begin. She received the prophecy Fire alone will save our clan from Spottedleaf and invited Rusty to Thunderclan. Initially, her role as the leader of Thunderclan as well as Firepaw’s mentor is indispensable over the course of the first arc.
Over the course of the books, Bluestar becomes traumatized by Tigerclaw’s treachery and slowly goes mad, losing her faith in Starclan. This event is also a well-known part of the arc itself as Fireheart tries desperately to revive his once great leader as well as deal with Tigerclaw.
Bluestar then dies, after Tigerstar leaves dogs on Thunderclan territory, when she attacks the dogs, throwing them off a cliff. She herself drowns soon after in the river, finally revealing to Mistyfoot and Stonefur their heritage.
Mistyfoot and Stonefur’s heritage also is a large event in the books, it’s a start to concepts of the warrior code and intertribal relationships that stretch past Graystripe’s relationship with Silverstream.

Why did Bluestar lose her belief in Starclan?
Some people greatly dislike Bluestar after she started to go mad. I was also quite upset when the glorious leader of Thunderclan seemed to go completely insane but after reading Bluestar’s Prophecy, I decided that she had her reasons.
First of all, some people dislike Bluestar because they think that she’s, in a sense, weak as all they can see to what caused Bluestar to lose her faith was when her deputy, Tigerclaw, tried to kill her. In Bluestar’s defense, Tigerclaw had been her faithful deputy after Lionheart’s death and, although she certainly didn’t trust him previously, he turned out to be quite the deputy so naturally she was quite shocked to be attacked. Also, she was nearly killed which can be traumatizing by itself.
Of course, this one small thing can’t possibly have caused Bluestar to lose her faith in Starclan, perhaps go insane, but not blame Starclan. If you think about it, Bluestar didn’t actually have perfect relations with Starclan. When Goosefeather brought Bluestar the prophecy about her from Starclan, she had already lost her mother. Further on, she witnessed her sister’s death. After she became mates with Oakheart, she had another chance of love and hope but with the prophecy strengthening, she had no choice but give up her kits for the good of the clan. Bluestar had lost everything she loved and she blamed Starclan for her loss because they sent the prophecy that, as she thought, forced her to throw everything aside and ascend to leader. Before Tigerclaw attacked, there had also been many other troubles and misfortunes to the Thunderclan camp and so when Bluestar was nearly killed, she couldn’t take it anymore. For Bluestar, that was the last straw, she snapped completely, yes, blaming the misfortune brought to Thunderclan but also the sorrow and loss she suffered as an apprentice and warrior.
All in all, when Tigerclaw attacked Bluestar, she collapsed into a void of betrayal and sorrow that was created by the misfortunes of Thunderclan and, mostly, the many loved ones she lost when she was younger. Therefore, as common people tend to blame others were irritated, she blamed Starclan and convinced herself that Starclan had set her up to all her sadness.

My Opinion
I think some people go too harsh on Bluestar. She was a independent kit, a hard-working warrior, a loyal warrior, and an exceptional leader. She suffered through a lot of hardships that were thrust upon her by fate and yet she managed to push past all of them. This sole fact makes Bluestar one of my favorite warriors, she tried hard enough, think about it people, give her a break!

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