[Dustpelt and Ferncloud laying next to each other]

Discussing Ferncloud x Dustpelt by Cloud_Dance

Cloud_Dance takes a closer look at Ferncloud and Dustpelt’s relationship.

[Dustpelt and Ferncloud laying next to each other]
Art by AnnMY
[Dustpelt and Ferncloud laying next to each other]

Hi, I’m Cloudy and I want to talk about Ferncloud x Dustpelt
Firstly this is my first article so excuse misspells, and don’t expect it to be the best.

So, firstly a quick intro of who I’m talking about,

Dustpelt is a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. He was born to Robinwing and Fuzzypelt, along with his brother Ravenpaw. He was apprenticed to Redtail who later died in a battle at the claws of Tigerclaw(star). Darkstripe then became his new mentor and he became a warrior alongside his cousin Sandpaw(storm). He later mentors Ashpaw(fur) and becomes close with his sister Fernpaw(Cloud).

Ferncloud is a pale grey she-cat with darker flecks and pale green eyes. She is born to Brindleface and Whitestorm, along with her brother Ashfur. She was apprenticed to Darkstripe but once he was exiled for treachery she had not mentor. Dustpelt asked if he could mentor her, saying he could handle two apprentices but Fireheart says no since Dustpelt would be to aoft on her. She later becomes Ferncloud and has three litters of kits with Dustpelt .

I’ve always liked this ship and found it cute how Dustpelt treated Fernpaw. But I was looking at warrior cats family trees and was shocked to find that Dustpelt was Fernclouds uncle! Yeah! Uncle! I was shocked to realize that Dustpelt was Brindleface’s brother! which in short makes Dustpelt and Ferncloud where related!

This really upset me because I really liked this ship. But to be honest I still ship them and think they are great together. I don’t think it was on purpose because it also happened to Ivypool and Fernsong. Since Fernsongs father is Lionblaze and Lionblazes mother Is Leafpool and then her father is Firestar whose nephew is Cloudtail who is Whitewings father who is Ivypool’s mother and well you know.

Woah. That made me realize that since everyone is related to Firestar in some way bringing in Mille and Dasy etc helped stop incest.

So anyway sorry for rambling on and getting off topic a bit. I just wanted to talk about Ferncloud x Dustpelt after I realized they were related since I still liked them as a ship. Even if it is technically wrong since he would hit on her when she was still a minor and he is you know her uncle. But anyway thanks for reading!

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  • Honestly, if willowpelt can mate with her brother patchpelt. Ferncloud can mate with her uncle. I really don’t think cats care about this stuff. I really love this ship!

  • Ok, I’m Speechless!! I rlly like FernxDust and ADORE Ferncloud and Dustpelt as seperate characters

  • I thought Dustpelt was Ferncloud’s uncle but think about it, in the first series first book, it was Dustpaw and Fernkit. How could Dustpelt’s littermate already be a warrior, have mates, AND already have a litter?? It is a bit confusing…

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