[Tyler, Enid, Wednesday, Xavier, and Morticia from Wednesday]

Giving Wednesday Cast Warrior Names by Drizzledrop

Drizzledrop gives warrior names to characters from the Netflix show, Wednesday.

[Tyler, Enid, Wednesday, Xavier, and Morticia from Wednesday]
[Tyler, Enid, Wednesday, Xavier, and Morticia from Wednesday]

Hi! I’m Drizz, previously Flowwie, and today I’ll be giving characters from the Netflix Wednesday show warrior names! Warning! Major spoilers for Wednesday show! Read with caution ⚠️

I’ll start off with my two favorite characters, Wednesday and Enid.

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday is an emotionally reserved psychic Raven who always is on the hunt for answers. She was thought to destroy the school, Nevermore, so she needs answers on why she would destroy the school. Eventually, she figured out she is meant to save it from the creature that roams the woods, the Hyde, but she accidentally hurts friendships and makes wrong turns along the way. I think Wednesday’s prefix would be Rapid because she is always looking for quick answers and often jumps to conclusions quickly, and her suffix would be ’blaze because she blazes through the school and blows people away, but she doesn’t always want to, and she saves the school while there is fire everywhere.
I think Rapidblaze would be a lithe black she-cat with white paws. She’d have dark purple eyes with light violet streaks. On her chest there would be a singular white blob that is shaped like a moon.
Rapidblaze is eager for answers, often stubborn, and quick to conclusions. She manages to save her clan multiple times, but often endangers it herself, but quickly pulls the clan out of danger. She doesn’t take no for an answer and doesn’t care what people think about her.
Rapidblaze would probably be in ShadowClan, as they are the clan of the shadows, but often misunderstood.

Enid Sinclair

Enid is Wednesday’s roomie, who seems very bubbly and happy but has a rocky relationship with her parents, which affects her lifestyle. She is, in fact, bubbly and happy, though. Enid is patient and understanding, and decides to continue trying to be Wednesday’s friend, even though it is not always easy. She is a werewolf, and doesn’t end up “wolfing out” until the last episode, when she saves Wednesday’s life from the Hyde. Enid gets anxious about when she will wolf out, because in the beginning of the show, every werewolf would wolf out on full moons except her. She could only extend her nails to claws. Eventually, Enid gets tired of Wednesday when her life is threatened by one of Wednesday’s explorations, and she changes her room to her other friend, Yoko’s room. Wednesday is later almost killed by the Hyde, and Enid wolfs out for the first time and saves Wednesday from the Hyde. After Enid defeats the Hyde (so we think) Wednesday and Enid run into a hug in front of the school (my FAVORITE scene!) and Wednesday pulls away one second and then pulls back in. Enid is very loyal and bright, and that is why I’m giving her the prefix Bright, because no matter what brought her down she always always stood there with a smile on her face. I think for her suffix I’ll do ‘bubble because she’s bubbly and amazing!
Brightbubble is sleek, white she-cat with a pinkish tint to half of her fur, and a bluish tint to the other. Her eyes are very unique, one being pink with peach colored streaks, and the other one being ice blue with dark blue streaks.
Brightbubble is kind, energetic, bright, enthusiastic, and very loyal. She is understanding and is always there for her friends and family. She is quite popular within the clan, mostly because of her fun personality and willingness to help others.
I think Brightbubble would belong to ThunderClan because while all clans are happy, ThunderClan is more labeled the happy clan. I think she’d fit in very well there, or fit out in a good way! Brightbubble would probably be a senior warrior or deputy, and would become a senior warrior quickly because she is well liked by others.

Tyler Galpin

Tyler is first introduced after Wednesday escapes therapy, at the Weathervane, the local coffee shop. His coffee machine is broken, so Wednesday offers to fix it if Tyler calls her a taxi, but he says that they don’t have taxis and mentions an Uber, but since Wednesday does not have a phone, Tyler offers to drive her to the nearest station after his shift. But, Wednesday needed to leave now before Weems could catch her, so she tried to bribe him with money. Tyler explains to Wednesday that he can’t be bought, so Wednesday buys a coffee. Three of Tyler’s normie friends come in and find Wednesday, the nevermore freak, and try to fight her. Tyler is worried and shows how he cares for her, but Wednesday quickly defends herself, and fights them all flawlessly, and Weems soon finds her. Tyler then continues showing interest towards Wednesday, and they end up going to the Rave’N together, and go on a date in Crackstone’s Crypt, where they watch a movie, Legally Blonde. Wednesday later kisses Tyler, who is the first boy she kissed, and gets a psychic vision showing he is the Hyde. She runs away, and later Tyler (as the Hyde) tries to kill Wednesday, but Enid defeats him. Of course, he doesn’t become the Hyde on his own, and Miss Thornhill, or Laurel Gates, is his master. Tyler seems nice, but is manipulative and secretive, giving him the prefix Ice, meaning he is cold but seems stable until he breaks, where you’ll therefore drown unless someone saves you. His suffix is ‘wave, because he originally flowed as nice, but each wave got worse and worse.
Icewave is a muscular, blue gray tom cat with black ears and a black hind paw. His eyes are big, and such a dark blue they are mistaken for black often. He has many battle scars, but the most noticeable one is on his shoulder (because in Wednesday that’s where Laurel would inject plant stuff to poison him with).
Icewave is a manipulative and power hungry tom, who does bad things to try to become leader, like killing. He seems nice at first, but most cats keep clear from him for a reason.
Icewave is from RiverClan, because they are often muscular and well fed, and are great fighters. I think he would be a senior warrior, but would become one because of fear.

Who do you ship the most with Wednesday? Enid, Xavier, Tyler, or Eugene? I personally ship Wednesday and Enid, and I’m pretty sure Jenna Ortega does too (I think I read that somewhere idk!)
Wow! That took a while! I’ll probably be doing a part two, but I’m tired now so that’s all I have time for.
Comment who I should do next!
This is my opinion so please be nice!
Thanks for reading,
Drizz (Drizzlepaw/drop, she/her).
Have a great day!

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  • Wednesday and Enid are perfect. BTW: I loved this article.

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