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Givings Wings of Fire Dragons Warrior Names by Rosepaw

Rosepaw gives warrior names to characters from Wings of Fire.

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Hi everyone, it’s Roselet (aka Rosepaw) here with another article. Today I will be giving characters from one of my favorite book series, Wings of Fire, warrior cats names. Let’s get started!
Clay: I think clay’s warrior name would be Mudheart, because he’s really kind and also loves mud.
Tsunami: Waveclaw! She’s fierce and because she is a Seawing, she loves water.
Glory: Hmm this one was hard, but I eventually decided on Shimmerfang. Shimmer, because she’s beautiful, and fang, because she’s not afraid to use her venom sometimes.
Starflight: We can keep the “flight” part, because it’s already a suffix, so how about Moonflight, because of the three full moons on the night of his birth.
Sunny: Sunny is my favorite DoD, so she needs a good name. How about Brightmoon, because she’s cheerful and friendly, and “moon” because she’s also half NightWing.
Moon: Easy! Moonsight, because of her visions. That one’s pretty straight-forward.
Winter: Coldfrost. Winter is so mean when he really doesn’t need to be. He’s even mean to his crush, Moon. Cold because he acts cold to dragons, and frost because he’s an Icewing.
Peril: Peril would be Fireteeth! I just like the sound of that one, it just gives me Peril vibes. (Her firescales and fierceness!)
Turtle: Now, Turtle is also hard, because I wanted to find the suffix that most fits with his unenergetic attitude. I eventually decided on Turtlestep, because he sneaks around a lot, especially when he had to hide from Darkstalker.
Qibli: Eeeeeh Qibli is my favorite!!! His warrior name would be Duneheart, because he is a SandWing and he’s very kind. (especially to Moon)
Blue: I think Blue’s warrior name would be Blueflame, because of his name (blue) and because he’s a flamesilk.
Cricket: This one is hard, because at first no suffix seemed to fit her. But I slept on it, and decided that her name would be Cricketsight! Cricket, because of her name, and sight because she loves reading and wears glasses!
Sundew: I think Sundew would be Leafblaze, because of her ferocity and leafspeak. It just fits her! 😀
Snowfall: Cryastalspike, because she’s a beautiful IceWing queen and by the way also very dangerous and sometimes sarcastic.
Luna: Well, Luna means moon, but it’s also a moth so her prefix can be “moth”. She’s also a flamesilk, so her suffix can be flame as well. So Mothflame would be Luna’s warrior name.
I hope you enjoyed my article! See you all later!
–Rosepaw 🌹🐾,

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  • i love this, as a fan of wof and warrior cats this makes my brainworms happy(that’s sounds kinda gross)
    but i have a few aswell such as kinkajou could be JoySong(‘joy’ for her happiness and ‘song; for her out-there way of speaking) or Ruby\tourmoline(i think that’s how its spelled) can be something like DawnCrown\CrystalFire(The ‘Dawn’ being for her transition between Ruby and tourmoline and ‘Crown’ for her position as queen, while in CrystalFire the ‘Crystal’ stands for her clear memory of who she was (tourmoline) While the more solid part of a crystal is her defiance of herself as ruby, the ‘Fire’ stands for the light she brought to the sky kingdom after her mother’s reign,(The ‘Fire’ kinda remindes me of a certain Flame-Colored protagonist, hmm.)

    • 🌹🐇𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓽 (she/her)🐇🌹🌈Rainpaw/brook🌈💐🌧️April Sky Over Rainy Brook🌧️💐 says:


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