[a fluffy kitten sitting on a laptop]

warrior characters as YouTubers by Raindropkit

Raindropkit imagines what some characters from Warriors would be like as YouTubers.

[a fluffy kitten sitting on a laptop]
[a fluffy kitten sitting on a laptop]

Hello,my name is raindrop kit, and as you can tell by the title of this article it is about what some warrior cats yt channels would be about.
This article will contain characters from the first arc. Disclaimer: these are my opinions.i don’t mind you disagreeing, and i would love to hear your thoughts. Please do so in a respectful way :)!
1.spotted leaf, I believe that spotted leaf would do really cute and pretty makeup tutorials, she would also put cute quotes at the end of her video. She probably has about 1.5k subscribers.
2.sand storm, i feel like she would do #girlboss & #bossbabe type videos and like once a week she would do a life style video.
She probably has 9.5k subscribers.
3.firestar/heart/paw/rusty, i feel like back in his kitty pet days he had a fan channel for both sand storm and spotted leaf.as clan leader he probably has a motivational channel and a separate channel doing interviews on cats in his clan.
He probably has 1.6m subscribers.
4. Gray stripe, he would have one of those cringy prank channels, and it would be obviously staged. He would also have another channel, but that will be addressed later. He probably has 5.5k subscribers.
5.silver stream [warning:very sad] this channel is owned by gray stripe, but it revolves around silver stream. If you don’t know about how she died then spoilers so basically she died while giving birth to gray stripes kits. This channel is a memorial for her, it has edits and videos of her kits that survived. she probably has 100.5k subscribers.

1. most viewed video views amount.
spotted leaf:1.9k views (a video about a leaf themed makeup look)
sand storm: 4M views (a video telling everyone about how she is dating the amazing fire star)
fire star:10M views (a video of him undercover asking someone who the best clan leader is.)
gray stripe:500 views (a video of him dumping water on his enemy.)
silver stream:80M views (a edit of all of her best photos made by gray stripe)

2. which one would be my favorite YouTuber?
Spotted leaf would most likely be my favorite because I love makeup videos.

thank you for reading my article have a great day/night full of YouTube, BYE!

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