Collage of famous animals from Disney animated films

Giving Disney Characters Warrior Names by Thunderpaw

Thunderpaw gives warrior names to famous animal characters from animated Disney films.

Collage of famous animals from Disney animated films
Collage of famous animals from Disney animated films

Hey! It’s Thunderpaw! In this article I will be giving popular animal Disney characters warrior names! Let’s jump right in!

Stitch (Stitch & Lilo)- Stitch is a bright blue alien creature with rabbit-like ears. Stitch also has incredible strength, speed, agility and the ability to climb walls and ceilings like a spider. In honor of his blue appearance, we’ll give him the prefix “Blue”. To include his awesome spider-like abilities into his name, we’ll give him the suffix “spider”. I think Bluespider is a cool name that sums him up, right?

Scar (The Lion King)- Scar is a scrawny lion with leaf green eyes, a dark mane and a nasty scratch above his left eye. He is King Mufasa’s younger brother and Simba’s uncle. Scar always felt jealous of Mufasa and his place as king, so Scar hatched an evil plan to kill Mufasa and become King himself. So, I think his prefix should be “Black”. Black is the color of his unusual mane and black is a pretty evil color if you ask me. I also think we should include his scar. But copying the name scar is too boring! How about “burn”? It’s similar to the word scar and I think the word matches him perfectly. Scooch over, Tigerstar! We got a new villain in town by the name of Blackburn!

Marie (The Aristocats)- Marie is an elegant, fluffy white kitten with a dazzling pink bow on her head. Marie loves everything pretty and fancy just like her mother, Duchess. Do you know what else is pretty, dazzling and white? A crystal! That’s a great prefix for little Marie! In my opinion, Marie also matches the name flower. So, let’s give her a flower-related suffix. How about “bloom”? Cyrstalbloom it is!

Sven (Frozen)- Sven is a scruffy brown-and-white reindeer that lives with his owner and companion, Kristoff. Sven often helps Kristoff with business ventures in return for carrots. Sven hates wolves and is sometimes called Mr. Cranky Caribou. This name took longer to brainstorm than the rest but I eventually fell on the prefix “Strong”. He’s got to be pretty strong to carry around sleds and people, so it matches. I was thinking what might a cat in a warrior book called Strongpaw be called? Maybe Strongclaw? But Sven doesn’t have claws, he has hooves. And that’s when it struck me. His suffixes should be “hooves”! Great! Giddyup, Stronghooves!

Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)- Cheshire cat is a mysterious striped pink and purple cat with bright yellow eyes. Cheshire cat is most known for his mischievous smile and his ability to freely disappear and reappear. I feel like his prefix should be “shadow” since he disappears and reappears like a shadow. And we have to include that toothy smile in his name, of course! So… How do you feel about Shadowgrin? Personally, I love it!

Hei Hei (Moana)- Hei Hei the rooster is Moana’s companion that unintentionally joins Moana on her journey across the ocean. He is slightly dumb, very clumsy, and accident-prone. I thought I’d give him the prefix “Bright” because he’s covered in very colorful feathers. But then I realised, in the brain, he isn’t very bright…Oh well! And we’ll keep the last name nice and simple with the suffix “feather”. Yay! Brightfeather, I like it!

That’s all folks! I really hope you enjoyed! Please tell me any characters you’d like me to switch names next because like it or not, I’m definitely a part two! See ya!


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