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Giving WOF characters Warriors Names by Scorchpaw

Scorchpaw gives warrior names to characters from the Wings of Fire series.

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Hiya! My name is Scorchpaw/flame. I used to be called Hornetpaw. Anyway, today I will be giving warrior names to WOF characters!!! Time to start!

1) Glory

Glory! One of my favourite characters! She has bright scales and is often described as pretty. I think that “Bright” would be a good suffix that represents Glory’s bright colours and the kindness she sometimes shows. “Fang” is the perfect suffix, showing Glory’s sassy, sarcastic, strong, confident and fierce personality.

2) Luna

Luna is a really cool dragon from The Lost Continent arc. She is a flame silk, with the ability to spin hot, fiery strands of silk from her silk glands. I think that that “Flame” is a nice prefix. Luna was a lot more willing to use her powers against the HiveWings, so Flame seems to fit. “Moon” is a good suffix, because Luna means Moon.
Result: Flamemoon.

3) Sundew

Sundew is a very strong and angry dragon. But the softer, kinder side of Sundew, the one who is loyal to her friends, fond of Bumblebee and loves Willow, makes me think that she needs a prefix to represent that part of her. It should be a plant, since she’s a LeafWing and has leafspeak powers. Maybe “Lily” for the prefix, since they are just pretty flowers. I think that “Claw” is a nice suffix to show Sundew’s angry, independent side.
So the result is Lilyclaw.

4) Blue

Blue is a very kind, gentle dragon who always tries to put himself in other dragon’s talons. I think that “Shimmer” represents his bright personality and his shiny purple-blue scales, which are often commented on by his friends.
“Fire” is a good suffix because Blue is a flamesilk. Idk, I’m lazy right now. It’s not that good but who cares.
Result: Shimmerfire.

5) Clay

Clay is one of my fav characters he has such a big heart and a loving, loyal, caring personality. Like Sunny said, he is the heart of the 5 dragonets group. I think that Ember is a good suffix, because of Clay’s fireproof scales and idk, Ember makes me think of fire sooo yeah.
His suffix is 100% heart, because like I said, Clay has a big heart.
Result: Emberheart.

6) Tsunami

Tsunami’s prefix is gonna be Sapphire, since her scales are sapphire blue and she is a very pretty dragon. And idk, Sapphire sounds nice. Her suffix is going to be claw, because Tsunami is bossy and fierce. Result: Sapphireclaw.

7) Sunny

Sunny is such a lovely, kind, quiet dragon! “Golden” is a good prefix I think, representing Sunny’s bright, pure personality. Her suffix was harder to come up with, but maybe “Shine” because it sounds nice? (I suck at this lol)
Result: Goldenshine.

8) Starflight

I feel like the name “Night” suits him, because he’s a NightWing and likes to keep to the shadows more than other dragons. I think his suffix could be “Leaf” because leaves remind me of peace and quiet, which Starflight has. I dunno. I wanted a name that would be about books, since Starflight loves scrolls and is a librarian, but “Nightpage” isn’t a very good name.
Result: Nightleaf.

Thanks for reading!!!! I’m to lazy to do anymore haha. Have a great day!

– Scorchy

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