[a reference sheet for a Heathertail design]

Heathertail and her Actions: Does she deserve our sympathy? by Pantherfrost

Pantherfrost discusses Heathertail’s life and decisions.

[a reference sheet for a Heathertail design]
Art by Warrior Cat Designs (tumblr)
[a reference sheet for a Heathertail design]

Hi guys! It’s Panthi here with my first article! Today, I will be talking about Heathertail and her actions! The main question I will be answering in my opinion is ‘Does Heathertail Deserve our Sympathy?’. Let’s begin! (Medium spoilers for Power of Three)

Let’s go back in time to when Heathertail was Heatherpaw and Lionblaze was Lionpaw. When they were just two naughty apprentices playing DarkClan. They went out almost every night and snuck to the tunnels to have some fun together. At least, that’s what they thought they were doing. But in reality, they were building a bond. A bond that could possibly, go beyond borders. But Lionpaw saw this bond while ThunderClan was having a battle with WindClan. He realized that he couldn’t stay loyal to his clan and be with Heatherpaw, as much as he wanted to. When he was in battle, he realized that he was searching for Heatherpaw, and worried about her getting hurt.

I believe that decision was very hard to make for Lionpaw. He had to choose between a cat that he loved and cared about, and the clan that he was raised in and always loved. But when Lionpaw confronted Heatherpaw about his thoughts, Heatherpaw was furious! She couldn’t believe that Lionpaw had abandoned her for his clan, though it was a noble thing to do! As I said before, this decision was probably very hard to make, though Heatherpaw just wouldn’t understand.

Before this Lionpaw stated his word, I liked Heatherpaw’s character. I thought it was cute that she discovered a place to meet up with Lionpaw every night. I thought that there was probably going to be a bit of forbidden love here, but the story plot took a twist. Nowadays, I am a bit mad at Heatherpaw, now Heathertail, for being furious and trying to avoid Lionblaze at all costs. Now, before you cut in and say ‘You’re being too nice to Lionblaze and not thinking about Heathertail’s feelings!’ I agree, it probably hurt to hear the cat you loved say that he had to be loyal to his clan and they couldn’t be together, but that’s, in my opinion, not a good reason to betray Lionblaze by using the tunnels against him! I still can’t believe Heathertail revealed the tunnels to ThunderClan territory to her clan!

In summary(so formal!), these are all reasons why I think Heathertail does not deserve our sympathy, at least until she shows some better actions! Thanks for reading all the way to the finish of this failure of an article! Panthi out! *disappears magically*

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  • Great article! I disagree though…When I read your title, I was like ‘what actions?’ No one can control their feelings…She had just been dumped, it’s completely natural to feel angry about that. And Lion wasn’t being a very sympathetic character either! He broke up with her because he THOUGHT she had told WindClan about the tunnels, if I remember well. Not because he didn’t want her to get hurt. He used it as an excuse to stop meeting with her, and that isn’t noble, it’s kind of cowardly. Specially since it wasn’t her who told, it was one of the kits. Basically, SHE was right in this situation, not him. And then he started dreaming about killing her and attacked her when they met. That doesn’t shout “NOBLE AND GOOD CHARACTER” for me…But of course, I don’t have the Kindle with me and haven’t read Power of Three in a while, so if I’m wrong about the reasoning, you can ignore everything I said apart from the being dumped part 😛
    Keep up the good work!

    • Good point, but one thing, Lionpaw and Heatherpaw were not dating, so how could he have dumped her? Also, I think is was very responsible to put his clan first, rather than break the Warrior Code. (unlike some other cats.)

      • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

        You can dump a friend, too! I feel like they were ore than friends, btu eevn if it WAS just friendship…

  • Gryffinkit|| she/her|| looking for a mentor!|| Blog sis of the amazing Onyxkit!|| I love FROGGOS 🐸🐸 says:

    Great article! Yes, Heathertail overeacted, but I think she deserves our sympathy because, her best friend who was also her crush tried to kill her! I think she deserves some sympathy y’all

  • Wishpaw/river | Wish Gliding In A River | Wishpaw, Wish, Wishy | Formerly Wishpaw/song! | Amazing Willowstripes Apprentice! says:

    Great article! I agree, and I HATE HEATHERTAIL SOOOOO MUCH!!! Your points are true, and I loved this so much! 😀

    Edit: New page!!

  • 🌷Dusky🌷| 💜Duskkit/flower💜 | 🪷Flower That Blooms At Dusk🪷 | 🩷Dusky is excited for Easter!🩵 says:

    Great article, but I think she does deserve our sympathy. First, she was dumped for an invalid reason (because Lionblaze falsely accused her of telling WindClan about the tunnels), and then the same cat who dumped her tried to kill her!

    • I honestly kind of liked HeatherxLion. I thought they were cute together. Lion made me angry though. He literally attacked her mentor right in front of her and scared her

  • Agreed! I personally like heathertail, but betraying lionblaze doesn’t really deserve sympathy. Anyways, gre8 article!!!

  • Your points are reasonable, but I think Lionblaze is completely in the wrong. After Tigerstar told Lionblaze that he couldn’t be a loyal warrior if he continued to meet Heathertail, Lionblaze goes to the tunnels to tell Heathertail about this and that they can’t meet each other any more. Lionblaze’s reasons were valid, but Heathertail was spiteful. She might’ve been immature then, she was an apprentice after all, and perhaps she really valued their friendship. But Lionblaze began to show aggression because when WindClan attacked ThunderClan through the tunnels, Lionblaze accused Heathertail of revealing the tunnels which led to the attack. Heathertail denies this and says that it was Sedgekit who showed the tunnels to WindClan. This is likely because when the three and the kits alongside Sedgekit were trapped in the flooding tunnels, Sedgekit would memorise this and tell WindClan. However, Lionblaze, even though he has no evidence that Heathertail actually told WindClan and what she said is reasonable, decides to attack (even if Heathertail did tell WindClan that is just entirely wrong) her mentor, Crowfeather. He then says that Heathertail will “be his enemy forever”, despite clear evidence that it was more likely Sedgekit told WindClan. In conclusion I think Lionblaze was aggressive and in the wrong. Forgive me for not discussing more aspects of this relationship, I’m still on The Power of Three! It was not healthy and it would never be right to attack Heathertail’s mentor (Crowfeather did nothing wrong in terms of their relationship anyway) just because of what Heathertail probably did not do.

  • Fogpaw/whisper (Fog that whispers the ancient prophecies)(Whisie/Whis)||leader of Typoclan||a cat under stress||canon lover says:

    Great article, though I don’t agree. You are being too nice of Lionblaze. Heathertail said that the tunnels were revealed by a kit, not her, and that’s very likely, considering Heathertail had already kept the secret for so long. Lionblaze, on the other hand, was always quick to jump into conclusions. There’re loads of evidence in TBC, and I’m not going to state them. When Heatherpaw found out the tunnels, she was like “I can share it with Lionpaw!” while Lionpaw was like “Let’s tell Firestar!” What evidence that Heather told others about the tunnels did he had? None, except for “she never forgave me!” Lionblaze was so arrogant that he thought everything is about him, but no. But I don’t think Heathertail needs sympathy. She would be better off without Lionblaze. IF they have kits, Heather will come to Lion and he WILL dump her because “I am going to be a loyal warrior”. Breezepelt is MUCH better than Lionblaze if you ask me. But these are only my opinions so sorry if you like Lionblaze. I hate him guts, and there were times when I want to go into the book and kick him.
    edit: new page!

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