[Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman from the DC Extended Universe]

DC characters as Warrior cats Pt1 by Drizzledash

Drizzledash gives warrior names to characters from the DC Extended Universe.

[Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman from the DC Extended Universe]
[Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman from the DC Extended Universe]

Hey Y’all! It’s your friendly neighborhood DC fan Drizzledash of Skyclan! As you can guess by my title and what I just said, I’ll be taking superheroes from the DC universe and turning them into Warriors! This is part one so it’ll only be three cats ,but hopefully it’ll be good!

Superman- Well ,he IS the man of steel and the most kindest and genuine of people he’s also pretty kind and thoughtful and would kill for human kind, so if we infer who he’ll be as a warrior, he’ll probably be from Thunderclan, a grandchild of Firestar(Since they’re mostly do gooders and high protags), and has some sort of power from Starclan. He’ll be a silver tom with dark black stripes(From the steel claim) somehow with kind amber(and some dashes of blue)eyes and pretty strong too.

Wonderwoman-This one will be pretty easy! She’s strong, brave and thoughtful, but she’s also very stubborn and would kill for her continent of Themyscira or humans too. I think she’ll be from Skyclan, since the clan is like Themyscira, they’re there, but no one knows until WW comes around. She’ll be a tan she cat with jet black stripes, and also pretty strong due to her being a amazon warrior in the comics. She’ll have Icy blue eyes some sort of power from Starclan.

Batman-And this is one I had the most fun thinking about! He’s dark and brooding, and most likely trying to stop himself from entering the dark side. He also has lots of villians who are trying to break him, but he still sets free at the end of the day with his extreme smarts and gadgets along with the help of his Robins, new and old(Don’t for get Alfred Pennyworth!). So he’s from Shadowclan ofc, and he’ll be a Dark black tabby tom with creepy pale blue eyes. He’ll have some scratches from dog attacks, pretty strong too, and has powers from Starclan!

I hope you guys enjoyed! I did the trinity first, since that’s the easiest, but hopefully I get around to doing the rest of the universe!(Especially the Young Justice!) Next time and again, with great power come great responsibility! Bye!

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